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Asic miner question on s7 (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Buy Bitmain Antminer S7 Bitcoin Miner | ASIC | SHA-256

Released a new batches of AntMiners S9 , T9 D3 , L3+ , R4 , For a cheap prices at Antminer Store.
Ship to all countries.
Shipping methods : DHL , UPS , FEDEX
Antminer Store : https://antminer-store.com
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Bitcoin Discussion • Antminer S7 ~4.73TH/s @ .25W/GH 28nm ASIC Bitcoin Miner

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Bitcoin Discussion • Buy Bitmain Antminer S7 D3 L3+ Bitcoin Miner | ASIC | SHA-256

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Mining • Buy Bitmain Antminer S7 Bitcoin Miner | ASIC | SHA-256

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Antminer Store : [link]1 Released a new batches of AntMiners S9 , T9 D3 , L3+ , R4 , For a cheap prices at Antminer Store.
Ship to all countries.
Shipping methods : DHL , UPS , FEDEX
Buy Bitmain Antminer S7 D3 L3+ Bitcoin Miner | ASIC | SHA-256
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1: antm**e*-store*com
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Buy Bitmain Antminer S7 D3 L3+ Bitcoin Miner | ASIC | SHA-256 /r/Bitcoin

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Can I do this?

Can I plug 6 GPUs (for bitcoin mining) into these
And power it with this
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Can I do this?

Can I plug 6 GPUs (for bitcoin mining) into these
And power it with this
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Would I be able to do this?

Can I plug 6 GPUs (for bitcoin mining) into these
And power it with this
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The Bitcoin miner maker Canaan Creative (NASDAQ: CAN) lately announced that five members of their board are leaving. As told, the terms of office of two directors, namely Jianping Kong and Qifeng Sun, expired on July 31, and three of its independent directors, namely Hong Zhang, Xiaohu Yang and Mei Luo, expired on August 1.
It is noteworthy that all the departing directors are not allowed to seek appointments nor participate in the elections of the board of directors after the expiration of their terms of office.
On July 9, Canaan Creative’s Hangzhou headquarter underwent business registration record modification. Former directors Kong, Sun and Li Jiaxuan, as well as supervisor Tu Songhua withdrew from the board, and Meng Lu was added as the new supervisor. "The corporate contact person also changed from Zhang Jing to Zhang Ning.
According to the news, recently, the founder Zhang Nangeng had come with some Canaan Creative executives from Beijing to Hangzhou, dismissed a number of managers of Hangzhou headquarter, took away the official seal and business license of the company, later that day, some employees called the police.

The same as Bitmain, the first NASDAQ listed Bitcoin miner maker Canaan Creative also built the VIE structure, the main body of the company set up in the Cayman Islands. According to some sources, there has been a power struggle in Canaan Creative, between Zhang’s Beijing office and Kong’s Hangzhou office.
In response to what happened in Hangzhou, Canaan Creative said that, "after the registration modification, the company is running normally, and all subsidiaries in China are headed by Zhang as the company's executive director, general manager and legal representative”.
The power struggle in Canaan is not a single case. As the former industry dominant, BitMain technologies, who has released IPO prospectus in 2018 but with no progress, stuck in a Cayman Islands lawsuit between two founders. Its business is also badly affected.
While another rising star MicroBT’s founder suffered from the disaster behind bars. December 12, 2019, Shenzhen Nanshan Court announced that the criminal suspect Yang Zhenxing was arrested by the crime of official encroachment. Outpost OnChain confirmed the news with MicroBT at the first moment.

Dr. Yang was graduated from Tsinghua University, had been the former miner chip design supervisor in BitMain and worked for the mysterious miner maker ‘FriedCat’. He had designed so-called BE300 chip using a "full custom methodology", the chip failed to go into mass production with the disappearance of FriedCat.
Yang disclosed the "Full Custom Methodology” to the founder of BitMain, Zhan Ketuan, which can significantly reduce the cost and power consumption of the chip. Yang worked part-time to help design the S7 miner (1385 chip) and the S9 miner (1385 chip) that made BitMain's mining dominance possible.
In 2016, Yang left BitMain and built up Shenzhen MicroBT Electronic Technology Company. Subsequently, MicroBT released a number of high-performance crypto mining products, quickly squeezed into the market, which had shaken the market dominance of BitMain. Later on, BitMain launched a patent ownership and infringement dispute lawsuit against MicroBT.
However, a source said that there are some hidden facts behind Yang's arrest. As the source acknowledged, during the end of 2019, the lawsuit between BitMain and MicroBT made significant progress, law enforcement officers from Beijing has come to Shenzhen to handle the case. Right at this point, as the chairman, general manager and the actual beneficiary of MicroBT, Yang arrested by a 100 thousands RMB worth embezzlement case. The case between BitMain suspended after that. The timeliness of the embezzlement case and the identity of the informer are worthy of considering.
Satoshi Nakamoto may not have imagined the emergence of ASIC chips when he published the Bitcoin white paper. The mining machine, a money-printing artifact, has created wealth for mining giants such as BitMain, MicroBT and Canaan Creative in just a few years. While the rapid accumulation of wealth, pathetic stories have also been staged, from the vanish of the FriedCat to the BitMain’s official seal wresting case. The road less traveled may not be the right path for everyone.
Canaan's Co-Chairman was 'Out', Chinese BIG3 Bitcoin Miner Makers under Inner Wars
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I earned about 4000% more btc with my android tablet than with a $250 ASIC mini rig setup using GekkoScience Newpac USB miners!

1.) Android Device with access to Google Play Store. *I haven't tried yet but you may be able to use tis on Android TV devces as well by sideloading. If anyone has success before I try, let me know! -Note, I did this with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 so its a newer more powerful device. If your android is older, your profts will most likely be less than what I earned but to give a projected range I also tested on my Raspberry Pi 4 running a custom LineageOS rom that doesn't allow the OS to make full use of the Pi's specs and I still got 500 h/s on that with Cloud boost, so about 60% of what my Tab 6 with MUCH Higher Specs does.
**Hey guys. Before I get started i just wanted to be clear about one thing. Yes I have seen those scammy posts sharing "miracle" boosts and fixes. I have a hard time believing stuff online anymore. But this is honestly real. Ill attach photos and explain the whole story and process below. Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to share any thoughts, concerns, tips, etc*
So last week I finally got started with my first mini rig type mining build. I started getting into crypto about a year ago and it has taken me a long time to even grasp half of the projects out there but its been fun thus far! Anyways my rig was 2 GekkoScience Newpac USB miners, a Moonlander USB miner to pair with an FPGA i already had mining, a 10 port 60W 3.0 USB hub and 2 usb fans. The Newpacs actually are hashing at a combined 280 g/s which is actually better than their reported max hash rate when overclocked. Pleasant surpise and they are simple!! I just wanted to get a moonlander because my fpga already mines on Odocrypt for DGB and I just wanted to experience Scrypt mining and help build the DGB project. The Newpacs are mining BTC though.
After I got everything up and running i checked my payout daily average after 1 week. I averaged .01 a day TOTAL between all three miners with them all perforing ABOVE SPEC!!! I had done research so i knew I wouldnt earn much. More than anything i just wanted to learn. But still. I was kinda surprised in a negative way. Yesterday I actually earned less than .01 Frustrated I went back to scouring the web for new ideas. About a year ago, when II was starting, I saw an app on my iphone called CryptoBrowser that claimed to mine btc on your phone without actually using phone resources using a method of cloud mining. I tried it for a week and quit because I earned like .03 after a ton of use and seemed scammy. Plus my iphone actually would get very hot when doing this so I quit using it as it seemed like a possible scam with all the cryptonight browser mining hacks and malware out there.
Anyways I was on my Galaxy Tab S6 and saw that CryptoBrowser released a "PRO" edition for 3.99 on Google Play. I bought it for Sh*ts and giggles and booted it up. It came with what they called "Cloud Boost" Essentially this is a button you press and it multiplys the estimated hashrate that it gives you device by the number shown on the boost button. (With the purchase of PRO you get one free x10 boost. You can purchase additional boosts to use with other android devices but those are actually pretty pricy. Another x10 boost was like $25 if i remember correctly).
I played with it for about an hour to see if it actually worked like it said it would this time. To my surprise, as i was browsing, my device didnt increase in temperature AT ALL!!!!! I checked my tast manager to confirm and it was indeed true, my memory and usage barely went up. it was giving me an estimated range of 80-105 on the hashrate. Once i pushed the x10 boost button, that went to 800-1150 h/s. I switched my screen to not go to sleep, plugged it to the charge and let it run on the browser page, hashing. When you push the boost button, it runs for 3 hours at the boosted speeds. After that it goes back to normal but if you press the button again, it boosts everything again. There is no limit to how many times you use it. After checking what I earned after 24 hours, I HAD MADE .40 in BTC!!!!! I JUST EARNED OVER 4000% MORE THAN MY $280 MINING RIG EARNED ME!!!! I was blown away. Maybe this was a fluke? I did it again next day. Every 3 hours or so I would push the button again but thats all. Sure enough, .35 that day. Also, it realy BTC. I requested a payout and although it took like 12 hours for them to send me an email stating they had just sent it, I actually did recieve the state amount of BTC within 24 hours in my personal wallet. The fees to send are SUPER LOW!. Like .01
Below I will list the steps I took, along with an explanation of thier "Mining" process on Androids. Reminder, this ONLY WORKS ON ANDROIDS. Also DO NOT use cryptobrowser on a physcal laptop or desktop. I ran it on an old laptop for three days last year and it fried it. It does actually use your hardware on those platforms to mine and it is not efficnet at all as I suspect they prob steal over half of your power for themselves using the REAL RandomX protocol via browser mining which is EXTREMELY INEFFICIENT DONT TRY IT!!
-----How To Do This Yourself:
Cryptotab Browser states the program works on Android devices by estimating what it thinks the hashrate would be for your device specs and siimulates what you would mine in a remote server however you still earn that estimated coin amount. It is not a SHA-256 process or coin that they say is mining, rather it is XMR and they swap that and pay it out to you in BTC Bitcoin. However I know damn well my Tab S6 doesnt hash 80-105 h/s on RandomX because I have done it with a moodified XMRig module i ported to Android. I got 5 h/s a sec if I was getting any hashes at all. But thats besides the point as I still was making money.
Now, when you press that cloud boost button it immediately boosts that hash rate it estimates by the number on the cloud boost. As stated above, you can purchase more boosts and gift them or use them on extra android devices that you may have. Again, they are pricey so I'm not doing that plus it would just mean that I have another device that I have to leave on and open. The boosts come in x2, x4, x6, x8 and x10 variants. Again, they have unlimited uses.
Here is the link to grab yourself CryptoBrowser Pro from CryptoTab. This IS A REFERRAL LINK! This is where I benefit from doing tis tutorial. Like i said, I want to be transparent as this is not a scam but I'm also not doing this out of the love of my heart. Their referral system works in that people that use the donwload the app using your link are your stage 1 referrals. Anytime they are mining, you earn a 15% bonus. So say they mine $.30 one day. You would get paid out an additional $.045 in your own balance (it does not come out of the referred user balance fyi so no worries). Then lets say that referred miner also gets their own referrals. I would get a 10% bonus on whatever THOSE people mine. This goes on and on for like 8 tiers. Each tier the bonus percntage essential halves. So again, I stand to benefit from this but it also is stupid to not make this visible as its WAY CHEAPER, EASIER AND MORE PROFITABLE TO GET BTC USING THIS METHOD THAN IT IS USING ASICS!! THIS EARNS ALMOST AS MUCH BTC AS AN ANTMINER S7 DOES RUNNING 24/7 ONLY WITHOUT THE HUGE ELLECTRICTY BILL AND COSTS!!!!)
Thats it. Again, if you have concerns, let me know or if you have suggestions, other tips, etc... mention those as well!!!
Links to Picture Proof http://imgur.com/gallery/P13bEsB
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Halving importance: Miner perspective

The bitcoin halvings in 2012 and 2016 were at times when mining changed from a fun hobby to the beginning of farms and larger mining operations. We went from CPU-GPU-ASIC in these 2 halving periods. The main theme during most of this time was people mining for fun and at a relatively low cost, all while BTC was mainly under $1k.
Things changed when the antminer S7 and later S9 came out and BTC began to really rise in price. Miners were making a lot of real money and thus began the creation of major mining farms for profit.
When the element of mining as a business is the forefront of the network, selling BTC to cover costs becomes a big part of most operations. We have all heard the number of 1800 BTC created daily during the 12.5 block reward time, and this has translated to around 18,000,000 usd per day @ a $10k BTC price.
The reason this is so significant is miners are the only group of people that have brand new BTC that is constantly open sold on the market. Every other person involved in BTC is buying and selling existing BTC supply.
When the miner reward is cut to 6.25, this will help in the long run imo, but may add even more selling pressure by miners in the short term. Miners will instantly be making half the amount and will still have the same business costs. Even with rewards cut in half, 900 BTC and $9 million will be created per day as of right now. This is still a huge amount to be absorbed in the market, and we could see even more selling pressure than we do now where a lot of miners have a buffer in mining profits at the 1800 BTC per day network rate.
TDLR: Halving will help in the long run but short term could add even more selling pressure than right now at a higher BTC inflation.
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Attention: Bitmain is currently performing a large scam

Bitmain has just announced a new mining machine, the antminer x3, that is designed to mine cryptonight algorithm cryptocurrencies, such as Monero. It is extremely efficient and profitable. A vega 56 video card has on average 1850 h/s at 190wh power usage. The x3 has 220000 h/s (118x stronger) at 550w power usage. It is then 41.08x more efficient.
As can be seen, this is a money machine. Costing $12,000 to have it shipped 15-31 may would net you at today's difficult over $5.3k per month.
Enter the most important part. Seems good to be true, right? It is. This machine is being released to the public because information that asics were being developed/already used leaked to monero developers, and naturally they worked on implementing a fix for that, in order to keep Monero's anti-asic and centralization nature. This month along with other things, code will be pushed to fix this issue and make asics not functional for monero. Every 6 month network upgrade will also have small tweaks in the algorithm to ensure no asic is ever developed or at least profitable to pull.
Bitmain is only selling these machines because they knew monero was adding this feature on the upcoming fork. They then rushed to sell the machines they were using to people who don't know about this.
On their site;
2. There are financial risks associated with mining cryptocurrencies. These risks can be related to changes in exchange rate of the cryptocurrency or to changes in the algorithm that is used to mine the cryptocurrency. Please deliberate well before making a purchase because we will not accept any requests for refund for orders of this batch.
In other words: if a network upgrade for cryptonight coins ever happen (it will happen), we can't be responsible for this. You're on your own and don't dare requesting a refund, we never issue these (quick off-topic: I personally know this very well because bitmain didn't refund me on my s7s even when I didn't receive the miners)
The shipping date is 2 months after the fork. These machines will be completely and absolutely useless. The biggest cryptonight coin will already have forked. Other cryptonight coins already signaled they will also push fix to this issue. Even if one or two CN coins don't implement anti-asic stance, you'll be left with shitcoins to mine. Imagine buying SHA256 asic for bitcoin only to have it available to mine peercoin only by the time you receive them.
tl,dr: Don't buy bitmain's x3. They asic mined monero and now that this will not be possible anymore they want to dump their machines on you.
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A 14-year-old's experience with Bitcoin

First-time poster here, don’t bully me, apologies for the potentially atrocious formatting :) TL;DR at the end
So in the wake of Bitcoin’s explosive rise in value and media attention, I’ve been encouraged by others to share my experience over the past few years as a miner. Here's my story (it's kinda long, you've been warned)

Humble Beginnings

It all started almost three years ago in the beginning of 2015 when Bitcoin flew under my radar. Looking into it, I admittedly wasn’t drawn in because of the decentralisation or the anonymous payments, I was hooked on the idea that anyone could get their hands on some just by running a program and leaving it to do its own thing. I know, how shallow of me. But the idea of making even a bit of money without ‘any work’ was convincing enough for 11-year-old me to do more digging into the matter.
To my disappointment, I soon found out that the era of mining Bitcoins with a PC’s CPU or GPU was long obsolete and instead it was all ASICs at that point.
So that summer, for my twelfth birthday, I got a little ASIC machine for €60, an Antminer U3. This little thing took up less space than a graphics card but could mine at 60 GH/s. Because, at the time, I didn’t have a controller device that could be kept up and running all day long so it could run the program that mined Bitcoin using the U3, I went ahead and got a Raspberry Pi. After setting up the Pi and installing all the necessary stuff (took an awfully long time), I connected it to AntPool and plugged the U3 in. Two days past and the mining pool sent the first Bitcoin I ever received to my wallet (I was using Blockchain.info). It was just 30 cents worth of BTC but I felt a bit of a rush because I was earning a bit of money through this completely new thing and the idea of that was thrilling.
Let’s back up for a second. I just used the term ‘earning’ as if I was profiting, and naive me 2 years ago was no different. In reality, I was at first oblivious to the fact that I was most likely LOSING money overall because of how much energy that little sucker was taking in. But, I was comforted thinking that using that machine was just a practical way of learning about this modern currency and that the loss of several cents’ worth of energy was acceptable in the name of education and learning.
Fast forward ten months to the wonderful summer of 2016. I had recently turned 13 and the Antminer U3 had been running on and off throughout. Various pauses and breaks in mining would be observed, as I had to manually get everything up and running after frequent breaks in the Internet connection. You’d expect my newly-turned-teenage brain to lose interest in Bitcoin as it does with many other gimmicks, but – even surprising myself – I miraculously didn’t. Good thing I maintained interest thinking about it now, not so good at the time for my parents. Why do I say this? I felt like it was time to get a little upgrade in my hardware.

Getting an upgrade

Days passed with me comparing every ASIC miner I could at that price point. It was then I set my eyes upon the Antminer S7 (same folks who did my U3, nice). I had put it up against a plethora of other miners and I figured the S7 was my best bet; the thing costs only about 10 times that of my U3 but could run at 4.73 TH/s, almost 80 times as powerful. The only problem being its power consumption was at 1300 watts, which would put a massive dent in the electricity bill and eliminate any profit I would make. Fortunately, I had a secret weapon up my sleeve – or rather my mum did. She had rented out an office outside our apartment where she would keep files and paperwork. The office’s electricity bill was a flat rate as far as I’m aware and it ended up being my saving grace because it virtually got rid of the “oh no I’m actually going to be losing money because of how much electricity I’m eating up” factor, making this whole hardware upgrade viable.
After convincing my parents, they finally agreed to shell out the requested amount, with the initial investment being paid back with time. I went to a local Bitcoin vendor and purchased 1 BTC for about $665 in cash (sigh yes, I know. $665 dollars). Shortly after, I used about 0.9 BTC to purchase the Antminer S7 and a 1600W power supply for a grand total of $600. The products would be made and shipped from China so I was definitely in for a wait.
A month passes and the package arrives at last. I connected all the wires from the power supply into the S7 and – with great anticipation – I plugged it into the wall to start its first ever run. And what do you know? An extremely loud and high-pitched whirring sound blasted out from the fans on both the power supply as well as the S7. After killing the thing, I questioned my choices. I couldn’t dare put that thing anywhere near my mum’s office in the event it drive everyone in the building absolutely nuts. I was at a loss. However, I soon recovered from my temporarily debilitated state and got working on a solution.
The first idea that came to my mind: change the fans. The stocks fans were by Evercool and spun at around 3000 RPM. The power supply used a small, robust fan that looked like a cube that must’ve spun at extremely high speeds judging by how high the sound it produced was. I got my parents to give me some more funding so I could acquire the replacement fans and I did. Bust. After installation and testing, none of the fans would work. I managed to configure the S7 to connect to my Antpool account and the machine would manage mining for several minutes running at peak performance but ultimately be automatically cut off because of how hot the machine was getting (I’m talking about 80 degrees Celsius kinda hot in that thing). The fans got refunded and I was back to the drawing board.
After combing through some forum posts and videos, I came across this video and a forum post in which people have their mining rigs placed inside a ventilated, muffled cabinet. Undertaking a project like this would be time-consuming and risky but I had no better ideas so I decided to go through with the idea anyway.
Firstly, I sought out a cabinet with suitable dimensions. I managed to get just what I needed at a second-hand IKEA shop. Great. Secondly, I went ahead and acquired some sound-absorbing acoustic foam from a local provider. Fantastic. Finally I had to get a ventilation system going within the cabinet, otherwise, all the hot air would roast the machine alive in there in a bloody mess. With the help of my dad, we found a pair cabinet fans on the Internet that were close to silent but could circulate the air well enough.
Eventually, all the materials came and, with the help of my parents, put everything together. The process took quite long time and we had a couple hiccups along the way, but we got it done and it came out pretty nice.
The moment of truth came and, to my relief, it ran so much quieter than without the cabinet. It was nowhere near silent but it reduced the noise a great deal. Soon after, I got the thing into the office and set everything up from there. Unfortunately, I was forced to underclock it because you could still hear the machine’s whining from outside the thin office door. Gunning the hashrate down about 25% to 3.7TH/s, I could lower the fan speed without risking the machine burning up. Sure, I wasn’t getting the full potential of the machine but I didn’t complain because electricity was not an issue there and it was still a whole lot better than my U3. With it up and running, I could leave it there, periodically checking to see if it was mining on Antpool.

The aftermath

In the months that followed, I was getting a solid $2.5 worth of BTC on daily basis. Half a year later, May of 2017, I had accumulated a satisfactory $600. I thought, “At this rate, I’d be able to pay my parents’ investment back in a few months” (the total investment came close to $900). Bitcoin had risen to over $1500 so I was already over the moon at that point because of how well everything was going. Little did I know…
I hit 0.5 BTC midway through September this year. The price of BTC had dropped after a sudden rise to $5000, but I couldn’t have asked for more. Although I possessed only half the amount of BTC I paid for the machine, its value was over twice that of the initial investment. I thought BTC would level off at around $4000 but nope.
In the month of October, the price skyrocketed. Since September, I had only mined 0.017 BTC but the value was already over $3000. It was just a matter of selling it, but I decided to hodl. Good thing I did.
As of November 5, I have approximately 0.52 BTC mined in total from my S7, valued at $4000. If I were to sell it right now, I’d have a profit of over $3100. And as for my miner, it’s churning out 0.0006 BTC daily, sounds like nothing but it’s still the equivalent of $5 today and I couldn’t be happier, at least with the miner and Bitcoin.
You remember that $665 for 1 BTC that I mentioned earlier? In hindsight, it would’ve been such a better idea to just keep that one Bitcoin and not do anything with it until today (in the interest of making much more money), as I’d theoretically have upwards of $7000. The idea of that still haunts me sometimes if I dwell on it too long but knowing that I’m in possession of an already hefty amount, the pain of it had numbed slightly. It’s not all doom and gloom for me from the exponential increase in Bitcoin’s value, however. Those first $0.3 payments from my humble little U3 all those years ago now are now the equivalent of over $6 today!
Bitcoin and everything it encompasses has been and still is a journey of discovery and an adventure. Looking back, starting with a modest €60 Antminer U3 to having a sum of Bitcoin equivalent to two extremely high-end gaming rigs (first thing I could think of as a comparison, sorry) has been something I can’t really describe. Through the course of the past few years, I’ve learned more about technology, I’ve unexpectedly gotten insight into economics and business and – of course – I’ve made a lot of money (if I decide to stop hodling that is).
Also, props to my parents for keeping an open mind throughout, I know some parents would be horrified at their kids being involved in something that has been used in some less-than-savoury ways and it's great knowing mine have been supportive all the way.
TL;DR got into Bitcoin mining 3 years ago at age 11 with an Antminer U3 that ran at 60 GH/s, got an Antminer S7 (4.73TH/s) and built a sound-muffling, ventilated cabinet for it. Am sat here today with $3000 profit if I decide to sell right now.
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Regarding Threads on Bitmain and ASIC Resistance (Mega Thread!)

Let’s take a minute to talk about what’s going on. We need to make sure all users are on the same page and the falsifications and assumptions stop.
I'm with you, and I understand that you feel betrayed. However, cleaning up after the constant bickering for those pro-fork and those anti-fork is growing tiresome. It's time we have a civil discussion and talk about facts.

Timeline of events

On 03/31/2018, a user from Ethfans.org posted a video on Telegram of a supposed Ethash ASIC. The video made its way to /Ethermining in a thread. It is important to mention that these values can be modified by changing “get_miner_status.cgi” and “minerStatus.cgi” and that there has been no credible evidence that has popped up in the nine days following the release of the supposed leak. Additionally, the following abnormalities should be noted:
Also on 3/31/2018, a user on Russian site Bits.media noticed that the pre-order for the Bitmain E3 was already up. It was believed to be an April fools joke; needless to say, it wasn’t.
On 04/02/2018, Bitmain launched the E3 and began taking pre-orders for a June delivery. At that time, the price was $800 and promised a hashing power of 180MH/s at 800 watts.
On 04/06/2018, Ethereum core developers decided against hard-forking Ethereum at this time, as they weren't convinced that it would positively impact the community given a hard-fork's disruption and the unknown of how the ASIC worked (specifically if it was programmable). The community became upset over broken promises of ASIC resistance, and this has since spread to a full out finger pointing of who is wrong.
On 04/08/2018, an apparently forged photo showed up showing a higher-hashing ASIC with far less power consumption. This is not only very unlikely, but the link in the photo was gibberish, whereas the E3's link was valid. We're writing that one up as FUD.

The "ASIC Resistance" Argument

At this point, I think that it’s I think it's important that we visit some key points of the Ethereum project. A lot of people have been quoting the whitepaper, calling ETH ASIC-proof and implying that the developers do not care about the problem.
In actuality, Ethereum never promised that it would be ASIC-proof, merely that it would provide an economic incentive to be resistant to the development of an ASIC. I'd like to produce a quote from the Ethereum Wiki, found here.
Ultimately, perfect ASIC resistance is impossible; there are always portions of circuits that are going to be unused by any specific algorithm and that can be trimmed to cut costs in a specialized device. However, what we are looking for is not perfect ASIC resistance but rather economic ASIC resistance.
The problem is that measuring an economy in a secure way is a difficult problem. The most obvious metric that the system has access to is mining difficulty, but mining difficulty also goes up with Moore's law and in the short term with ASIC development, and there is no known way to estimate the impact of Moore's law alone and so the currency cannot know if its difficulty increased by 10x due to better hardware, a larger user volume or a combination of both. Other metrics, such as transaction count, are potentially gameable by entities that want the supply to change in a particular direction (generally, holders want a lower supply, miners want a higher supply).
This is solidified by revisiting the whitepaper, specifically the section which identifies how ASICs will be economically stymied:
This model is untested, and there may be difficulties along the way in avoiding certain clever optimizations when using contract execution as a mining algorithm. However, one notably interesting feature of this algorithm is that it allows anyone to "poison the well", by introducing a large number of contracts into the blockchain specifically designed to stymie certain ASICs. The economic incentives exist for ASIC manufacturers to use such a trick to attack each other. Thus, the solution that we are developing is ultimately an adaptive economic human solution rather than purely a technical one.
So with the Ethereum team providing only an economic reason to not develop an ASIC since the beginning, there has been no lie.

Second batch of E3s will not be profitable with Ethereum

As a response to the developers announcing that they are not initiating a hard fork, Bitmain raised the price of the second batch of E3s to $1800. With a PSU ($105) and shipping costs ($225), plus duty fees ($25). That brings each E3 up to $2,155, or $11.97 per MH.
Comparatively, this is like paying $300 per GPU ($1800) plus Mobo/PSU/risers ($355). I have built rigs with similar hashrates for under $1,900 ($10.50 per MH).
If we speculate that Casper is as close as we think (see below), coupled with the rising difficulty, the second batch of E3s are not likely to break-even with Ethereum as a whole. If ETH rises to its ATH, the second batch units may be profitable. Tis the risk of mining.

Current speculation:

  • ASICs are bad!
    • In the Ethereum mining community, ASICs to be viewed as a formidable commodity, when they should rather be viewed as a tool. Tools are never inherently good or bad, but how they are used can be, and some developers intend for the coin to eventually be used with an ASIC. Some coins, such as Sia, were designed to specifically work with an ASIC. > 51% centralization is bad.
  • Bitmain has a better ASIC.
    • Probably. But this is an unknown. Speculation of an ASIC is not a reason to fork the second largest cryptocurrency.
  • Bitmain will be a cause for centralization
    • Everything should be a concern for centralization. Hell, early miners can be a bigger concern. The principals of economies of scale still apply to mining; so those who started out with a lot of GPUs are heavily mining. I've set up warehouses full of GPUs for clients, so if you think some of the guys here are big shots, I promise you there are larger concerns for the current state of centralization.
    • I will also note that yes, we will need to worry about a mass-manufacturer of just ASICs, especially if they are pumping out > 30,000 units per month at the current rate. But the firm that uncovered Bitmain's ASIC, Susquehannah, claims that there are at least three other ASIC manufacturers out there. This puts some silent competition on Bitmain.
  • Ethereum is not as centralized as Bitcoin
    • You'd think that, and the goal of the whitepaper was for Ethereum to be less centralized as bitcoin. It even mentions that "three mining pools indirectly control roughly 50% of processing power in the Bitcoin network." Ethereum is in this state already. Ethermine controls ~28% of the network hashrate, F2pool has ~17%, and SparkPool has ~15%. Arguably, the Ethereum network is in a more sensitive state.
  • Casper is right around the corner.
    • This has been speculation for some time now. Developers confirmed that testnet should be fully operational by August, meaning that we may be able to expect PoS hybrid by DecembeJanuary assuming everything goes as planned.
  • Dev team does not care about miners
    • In the project's current state, miners are a necessity. Remember that seigniorage must be sinigicant enough for miners to continue mining, otherwise, the network would slow and we'd have another Crypto Kitties incident on our hands. Until Ethereum is PoS, you are valid.
  • Dev team wants to get rid of miners
    • Well, yeah. That's what PoS is about. Ethereum will not be Proof of Work forever and that needs to be appreciated.
  • We should fork ourselves into an ASIC-proof currency
    • Do it! Take some initiative and work up a team, I'll be happy to help and support in any way that I can, including pointing my hashing power your way.

Ethereum decision governance

Right now, large decisions are made by the Ethereum core developers. This last decision to not hard-fork was not well received by the community. It feels to be almost an "electoral college" kind of deal, and that's something that has upset a lot of people. Is this the topic that we need to discuss in more detail?

So what is this thread?

For now, this is going to replace our weekly discussion for a few weeks until everything calms down. The sub is in a volatile state and everyone is slinging FUD at everyone else. We need to clean up and calmly discuss our position on the matter at hand. This means:
  • No more fighting about the ASIC in the comments
  • OUTSIDE OF THIS THREAD, please do not shitpost. Meaning, no more strongly worded threads about how you're out of mining completely because of the ASIC, or how the developers screwed you over because ETH was supposed to be ASIC proof, or how people are whining. I'm deleting threads left and right for people who are just using the sub as an outlet to name call on both sides.
  • As always, constructive threads are welcome, but shitposts are to be confined to this thread, please.

We all have different opinions

I am going to remain neutral on this topic. I mine with both GPUs and ASICs, and I've worked with countless numbers of people who do as well. We need to cooperate as a community instead of tearing each other apart over the issue. Let's think before we post and keep comments constructive.
Happy mining!
  • Rob
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10-10 14:14 - 'Hi! / I'm Mark, I'm a fulltime Bitcoin miner, I mine Bitcoin in a mining pool with few other people. We use Halong Mining DragonMint T1 ASIC Miner Value, Bitmain Antminer T9, Pangolin Whatsminer M3X, Bitmain Antminer R4...' by /u/Mark_Mckinney removed from /r/Bitcoin within 25-35min

Hi! I'm Mark, I'm a fulltime Bitcoin miner, I mine Bitcoin in a mining pool with few other people. We use Halong Mining DragonMint T1 ASIC Miner Value, Bitmain Antminer T9, Pangolin Whatsminer M3X, Bitmain Antminer R4, Avalon6,Bitmain Antminer S7. We mine Bitcoin, ethereum and I'm willing to show you how to invest in this and even mine XMR using your computer without an ASIC miner, just you and your computer. Bitcoin is on a bullish trend these are those opportunities you don't want to miss. Contact me on WhatsApp: +12677256028
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How I am helping Bitmain destroy Bitcoin

Just before Christmas, I finally decided to start mining Bitcoin, mainly because my basement is cold enough right now that I could plausibly explain my behavior to my wife.
I bought a used Antminer S7. There aren't a lot of options out there these days if you are in the market for a reasonably priced basement heater that sounds like a shopvac trying to suck up a grapefruit...
Bitmain has emerged as a major threat to the decentralization of Bitcoin. They control too much of the production of mining hardware. They control too much of the hashpower.
I know very little about China, but I remember a podcast from a couple of years ago about how big business works there, and it matches my observations.
Basically, the way it works in China is you throw all of your money at growing your business into a near monopoly. Once you win the war of attrition and all of your significant competitors are bankrupt -- then you can start thinking about turning a profit. Until then it's all losses.
Here is an example from the solar panel industry:
Recall this quote from KNC Mining:
We have tried to calculate the amount of money that the Chinese have invested in mining, we estimate it to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Even with free electricity we cannot see how they will ever get this money back. Either they don’t know what they are doing, but that is not very likely at this scale or they have some secret advantage that we don’t know about. - Sam Cole, KNC CEO
It seems likely that Jihan Wu's strategy is for his company to, for all practical purposes, become the source of all of bitcoin's hashpower, and one way or another, collect all of the transaction fees.
If that is the strategy, a couple of things start to make sense:
  1. The core developers are a major threat to Bitmain's dominance, because they can code a way out from them if they become abusively rent-seeking or an obvious threat to decentralization, or begin censoring transactions at the request of the Comunist Party. The core developers are the only group in position to credibly lead an initiative to change the POW algorithm for example.
  2. The lightning network is an important competitor for fees, and a threat to censorship which must be strangled in the crib. All of the fees must be paid to Bitmain, and it is intolerable for lightning nodes to siphon off fees. All transactions must be subject to a veto from Bitmain -- opaque batching is a no-no.
  3. Threats to centralization are irrelevant. Bitmain's ambition is to deal with the trust problem by winning and controlling the hash-power. Not by cultivating a decentralized ecosystem and separation of power. For the rest of us, well we have to trust Jihan to act in our best interest.
  4. Blocks are going to need to be bigger. MUCH bigger, so that Bitmain can process more and more of the world's transactions and get a larger and larger amount of fees. Your ability to run a full node on your home computer is not a priority.
  5. The Chinese government probably doesn't have any problem with this, and possibly is throwing money at Bitmain to make it happen. After all, they will ultimately be able to steer Bitmain, and therefore Bitcoin, in whatever direction is beneficial to the Communist Party.
How are my conspiracy theory skillz?
Another thing to think about. The big block crowd has for a long time used discussion in ways that remind me of the pro-Trump propaganda that flooded Reddit for the past year. (e.g. name-calling, accusations, speaking to passions, black-and-white thinking, thought narrowing labels) To the big blocker guys who may be reading, I'm sure I sound like a suppressive person. :-) I wouldn't want to accuse all of you of being paid shills. Even if we know that Roger Ver appreciates the power of incentivizing social proof so much that he is developing tools to help shills get paid in clever and innovative ways.


This got a little more attention than I thought and I want to soften my stance somewhat.
This is speculation on my part. I don't know what Bitmain's strategy is. They may have pretty benign plans.
It isn't my desire to bash Bitmain or say they are a bad company or lead by bad people. Indeed, I am helping them in a small way by propping up the secondary market for their products. I don't condemn myself for that; I don't condemn them for trying to be the #1 ASIC manufacturer.
I'm very glad Bitmain is in business, making high quality bitcoin miners, and selling them to the public.
I hope I don't come off sounding critical of Chinese culture. I'm sure there are things about Chinese culture worth criticizing, just as there are things about American culture worth criticizing, but I know very little about Chinese culture and am not interested in making judgments about it. As has been pointed out in this thread, the attrition strategy is not unique to Chinese companies -- it is inherent in the economics of competing companies. It is my impression that for whatever reason (cultural/regulatory/legal/political...whatever) the attrition strategy is more widespread or pronounced in China than it is in the USA.
Ultimately, moral tools (e.g. praise and blame, trying to modify desires) are going to be too weak to create the strong foundation Bitcoin needs. What we need is good game theory, diffusion of power, and opponent processes pushing on each other with negative feedback loops dampening the system to stability.
I originally wanted to buy an Antminer R4, which was billed as quiet. They sell out quickly, leading me to believe that an under-served market exists for home mining. A lot of people have cold basements. A quiet miner pulling 1200 watts in a non-hideous housing for about $500-$1000 would find a niche. Bonus points if the hashing boards can be pulled out and upgraded each winter.
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Cybtc Review: Bitmain Antminer S15-28TH/s

Cybtc Review: Bitmain Antminer S15-28TH/s
Bitmain is a technology company specializing in high-speed, low-power custom chip design and development, successfully designed and produced a variety of ASIC custom chips and integrated systems. Bitmain was founded in 2013. In the same year, it launched the first generation bitcoin mining machine of the ant mining machine series - Antminer S1. After more than five years of development, the antminer series bitcoin mining machine passed S1, S2, S3, S4 Iterations of multiple models of S5, S7 and S9, the latest bitcoin mining models are S15 and T15, which will be sold on November 8, 2018.

The Antminer S15 adopts a new 7nm chip process. The official evaluation of the S15 is durable, energy saving. Emphasizing the characteristics of "high performance, more durable, and more power saving". From the officially announced parameters, the Antminer S15 is built in. Standard and low-power mining modes. The officially announced parameters have a unit-to-power ratio of 57J/T in standard mode, and the unit-to-power ratio of low-power mode has reached 50J/T. Compared to the products in the current market, in terms of Bitcoin miners, this unit power consumption ratio has set a new record.

Antminer S15 official parameters,


Recently, the Antminer S15 has sent to Cybtc for testing. Please see the third-party independent review by us.

I. Unpacking:

Because the Antminer S15 adopts a new all-in-one and parallel fan design, the packaging box has changed from the previous generations. The previous cuboid has changed into a square-like style. The packaging material is still packaged in an industrial carton, and the box is marked manufacturer information, logistics warehousing logo, mining machine specification model and strip identification code, outer box size: 486*388*265, weight about 8.7kg.

The interior of the two pieces of styrofoam is firmly packed in the box from the upper and lower sides to ensure the safety of the mining machine during transportation. There is also a gap around the pearl foam for easy access.

Take out the styrofoam on one side to see the main body of the mining machine. The mining machine is wrapped by an anti-electrostatic bag. Compared with the box, the mining machine looks very small and only takes up about half of the box space.

The Antminer S15 changed the style of single-tube with double cooling fans as S1-S9 models, and became a dual-fan parallel single-side air intake and adopted the integrated machine design of the mining machine + power supply. The whole machine size is 279*175*221mm, weight 7.13 kg.


The Antminer S15 is small and neat, the air inlet side and the mining machine interface side are on the same side, the fan is removed from the air outlet side, and a honeycomb-shaped baffle is used.


The advantage of the all-in-one design is that the wire connection is reduced. The appearance of the mining machine is more compact, and the use and operation and maintenance are more convenient. The connection between the Antminer S15 mining machine and the power supply uses a clip-connected design, and the controller and the power board are still connected by flat signal cable.


The nameplate of the mining machine body is marked with the model number, hash rate, and identification bar code. If the bottom part can increase the anti-slip mat, it is better to strengthen the stability of the mining machine when it is placed horizontally. The mining machine supports the erect and horizontal two ways. On the rack, the miner can choose the placement method according to the size of the mine rack.


II. Antminer S15 installation:

The design of the Antminer S15 all-in-one machine reduces the link of the power line of the plugging and unloading machine. As long as it is placed in the rack, plug in the power cable and the network cable to complete the hardware installation.

Find the mine IP address. Antminer S15 mining machine is automatically assigned IP mode, you can enter the local router to view the IP address named "antMiner".

Or use the ant official mining machine management software BitmainMinerTool to scan the IP address of the current mining machine. You can also use the management software to set the mining pool address and worker name, update the firmware, etc. When the number of mining machines is large, you can also use the mining machine. IP report button to find the IP address of the mining machine.

To view the real-time status of a single mining machine, you need to enter the mining machine control page. First, enter the mining machine IP into the control page home page, and then enter the default user name and password (the default is root) to enter the mining machine control page.

The new mining machine needs to modify the name of the mining pool and miners, click on the “Miner Configuration” page to modify the main mining pool address and worker name, and modify the two alternate mining pool addresses and miners' names as needed. Antminer S15 has built-in standard and low-power mining modes, so you can easily select any mode mining on this page according to your needs. After each setting is completed, click “Save&Apply” to save the settings and apply.

After saving, the miner will restart the mining procedure. After about a few minutes of normal operation of the mining machine, you can enter the mining operation interface “Miner Status” to check the operation of the mining machine, including running time, hash rate, Chip status, operating frequency, PCB board and chip temperature, fan speed and other parameters information.

III. Review:

The Antminer S15 has standard mining mode and low power consumption mode. Therefore, we tested the two modes for 24 hours respectively. The test environment temperature is about 17 degrees, and the noise value is around 36 decibels.


After the mining machine is turned on, the fan runs at full speed, the power consumption of the boot is about 25W and further increases slowly, and the noise level is up to 81.2 dB.

Standard mode test

Power consumption: The miner's chip is fully operational, and the control page power is 28T. The measured power consumption of the miner is 1610-1620W, which is in line with the officially announced 1596W ±7% level.

Noise: Due to the low ambient temperature, the number of fan rotations is basically stable at around 3120 rpm. The noise value of the operating environment is measured to be 76.5 decibels. The distance of the mine is 27.7 meters, and the noise level is properly controlled.

Temperature: Antminer S15 has a total of four mining boards. There are four temperature-sensing modules distributed on each calculation board. The chip temperature is at least 44 degrees and the highest is 78 degrees. Thanks to the Exposed Die package, the outlet temperature is about 42 degrees. The power outlet temperature is about 28 degrees.


Because the Antminer S15 adopts the one-piece design, We also test the contact temperature of the power supply and the mining machine's power board. It can be clearly seen that the temperature values ​​of each point are different.


Hash rate: After 24 hours test in the btc.com mining pool, the average hash rate of the Antminer S15 in 24 hours was 28.56 TH/s. Thus calculate the unit energy efficiency ratio = 1620W / 28.56 ≈ 56.72W / T, and the official published data 57 J / T consistent.

Low power mode test

Power consumption: After checking the option behind “Low Power Mode” on the Antminer S15 Pool Settings page and saving the application, the miner can run in low power mode. After the power of the mining machine control page reaches 17T, the measured power consumption is up to 836.6W, and the running data meets the official data of 775W ±7% - 900W ±7%.

Noise: As the power and power consumption are reduced, the fan speed is basically stable at around 2400 rpm, the measured operating environment noise value is 77 decibels, and the distance measured by the mining machine is about 66 decibels at a distance of 2 meters. The noise level and the standard mode. At the same level.

Temperature: The four mining board chips have a minimum temperature of 25 degrees and a maximum of 62 degrees. The outlet temperature is about 30 degrees, which is slightly lower than the standard mode. The temperature of the power outlet is about 20 degrees.


Contact point temperature value between the power supply and mining machine mining board.

Hash rate: After 24 hours of testing in the btc.com mine, the average 24-hour power was measured at 17.5TH/S. Thus calculate the unit energy efficiency ratio = 836.6W / 17.5 ≈ 47.8W / T, lower than the official published data 50 J / T.

IV. Summary:

Two built-in mining modes. The power consumption per unit of power in low-power mode is lower than 50W/T, which is better. The lower the power consumption ratio, the lower the price of the shutdown.
One machine design reduces the wire, beautiful and convenient.
Exposed Die package improves heat dissipation, increasing the number of chips per unit volume and reducing heat sinks, reducing overall weight.
The new AWP8 power supply is used, easy to assemble and disassemble.
The machine noise is lower and the temperature is lower than other mining machines.
The calculation power of the whole machine is stable and fluctuating.

Finally, exposed power connectors may cause problems if touch the iron on the shelf. Maybe it can have improvement.

The Antminer series mining machine has evolved from S1 to S15, and the computing power has evolved from S180's 180G/360W to S15's 28000G/1600W. This is not just a digital evolution, but also the ups and downs of the Bitcoin industry. The mining machine is upgrading. Bitcoin is advancing, leaving many stories in the chain, the currency circle and the mining ring than the ten-year journey of holding the currency. In the two-year life cycle of S9, S9's bitcoin mining machine market share is far ahead, and currently in the market background of the rising bitcoin computing power, the depressed bear market and more new mining machines, Whether the ant S15 can create a new benchmark for the bitcoin mining machine, time will give us the answer.

More miner and crypto reviews on: cybtc.org

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Questions about starting using NiceHash Miner 2

I am looking into mining cryptocurrency right now because i am interested. The recent gain of value in bitcoin hit my attention like probably everyone here :-)
I have heard of methods to mine especially with NiceHash Miner 2 (using computers, easy way) and an ASIC device such Antminer S7 (Look advanced to me). I already know there is a cost in electricity and such. However there are parts missing from my research and the whole puzzle..
My goal is not to make a tons of cash, i just want to explore the world of cryptocurrency and if possible get back my investment. I know there is an hardware investment but that not a problem for me especially since i might need a new computer anyway, however i might prefer to go the ASIC way if its better and that why i am here.
I have some questions...
1- Do the ASIC device such Antminer S7 do exactly the same thing that NiceHash Miner 2 ? Can Antminer S7 mine other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin ?
2- There is a calculator on NiceHash Miner 2 website. How much this thing is accurate ? Do you really can make a profit based on this calculator numbers ?
3- I keep earing you get less profits if the difficulty raise. The difficulty will raise over time. What this really mean exactly ? In my understanding, NiceHash seem to mine from most profitable cryptocurrencies. Do that only affect Bitcoins or this can also affect other cyptocurrencies ? Do that effect is mitigated using NiceHash ?
4- Question about the wallet. How easy it is to convert the crypto currency into real cash ?
5- For storage do you recommand using a physical USB device instead ? Do cryptocurrencies take a lots of place or bandwidth ?
6- Knowing i need a new computer soon... should i invest in a new computer to mine using NiceHash Miner 2 in order to buy back my investment in a year ? or should i try invest in a S7 Antminer ? I could aswell just invest in bitcoin however i am not so sure that would be fun or the profit would be better in the long run. From your experience so far, which way should i try ?
Thanks a lots!
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Bitcoin la gi Tai sao Bitcoin la tien de cho su phat trien cua nen cong nghiep 40 Va tat ca nhung su that tran trui ve Bitcoin

Bitcoin la gi Tai sao Bitcoin la tien de cho su phat trien cua nen cong nghiep 40 Va tat ca nhung su that tran trui ve Bitcoin
Ngày nay, cụm từ Bitcoin xuất hiện ngày càng dày đặc trên phương tiện truyền thông xã hội và đời sống thường nhật. Bitcoin đã dần len lỏi vào cuộc sống hàng ngày của chúng ta. Vậy thực sự Bitcoin là gì? Bitcoin sẽ có ảnh hưởng như thế nào đến tương lai của thế giới chúng ta?

1. Bitcoin là gì?

Bitcoin là một hình thức tiền mã hóa được tạo ra và được tổ chức bằng điện tử, không ai kiểm soát nó. Bitcoin không được in như Đô la hay Euro – những loại tiền giấy được sản xuất bởi con người. Tính đến thời điểm hiện nay, ngày càng có nhiều cá nhân hay tổ chức, chạy các máy tính trên toàn thế giới, sử dụng phần mềm này để đào Bitcoin.

Bitcoin là gì?

Ngoài ra, Bitcoin có thể được gọi là đồng tiền Bitcoin, là tiền mã hóa chứ không phải là tiền ảo, do đó không nên gọi là “tiền ảo Bitcoin“.

Đó là ví dụ đầu tiên của một loại tiền mã hóa nổi bật nhất trong thị trường cryptocurrency. Bên cạnh Bitcoin, còn có những đồng cryptocurrency khác đang dần trở nên phổ biến như Ethereum (ETH),…

2. Mining Bitcoin (đào Bitcoin) là gì?

Mining (đào) là phần quan trọng nhất của bất kỳ cryptocurrency nào sử dụng thuật toán Proof of Work. Và giống như giao dịch, mining cũng là một khoản đầu tư. Về cơ bản, các miner (thợ đào) đang đóng góp sức mạnh tính toán của mình để giải quyết các bài toán phức tạp nhằm xác nhận giao dịch và ghi lại nó trên Blockchain.

Mining Bitcoin (đào Bitcoin) là gì?

Rất nhiều người đã trở nên giàu có bằng cách mining Bitcoin. Trước đây, bạn có thể tạo ra lợi nhuận đáng kể từ việc mining chỉ bằng một chiếc máy tính bàn, hoặc thậm chí là một chiếc máy tính xách tay đủ mạnh. Hiện nay, thợ đào đã đầu tư những dàn máy khủng chuyên dụng để đào Bitcoin, thu được BTC dùng trong giao dịch hay tích trữ đầu tư.

3. Máy đào Bitcoin

Trong hệ thống tiền tệ pháp định truyền thống, chính phủ chỉ việc in thêm tiền khi họ cần thôi. Nhưng với Bitcoin, tiền không phải được in – mà là được đào (mining). Các máy tính trên khắp thế giới đào coin bằng cách cạnh tranh với nhau.

Đào coin nói chung và đào Bitcoin nói riêng là hình thức sử dụng các máy tính có cấu hình VGA (card màn hình) cao, hoặc các phần cứng chuyên dụng khác để chạy phần mềm đào. Các phần mềm này sử dụng sức mạnh xử lý của CPU và GPU để giải các thuật toán đào Bitcoin cực kì phức tạp để có được BTC. Vì vậy, máy đào Bitcoin là các loại máy tính có cấu hình VGA cao hoặc sử dụng các loại chip chuyên dụng như ASIC để chạy các phần mềm đào.

Máy đào Bitcoin của Bitmain rất phổ biến trên thị trường.

Một số dòng máy đào Bitcoin phổ biến có thể được liệt kê ra như sau:

  • Máy đào Bitmain Antminer S9;13.5
  • Pagolin Miner M3X; 12
  • Máy đào Bitmain Antminer T9; 11.5
  • Máy đào Antminer R4
  • Avalonminer 741
  • Avalonminer 721
  • Bitmain Antminer S7
Ngoài ra, có một số người thường dùng từ “Máy cày Bitcoin“, đây là một cách gọi không đúng. Các máy giải thuật toán phức tạp để tạo ra đồng BTC là máy đào Bitcoin.

4. Bitcoin Address là gì?

Bitcoin Address hay địa chỉ Bitcoin (địa chỉ ví Bitcoin) là một dãy chữ số để người khác có thể chuyển BTC vào ví của bạn. Có thể xem Bitcoin Address như địa chỉ nhà, hoặc tương tự số tài khoản ngân hàng để mọi người chuyển khoản cho bạn.

Bitcoin Address là gì?

Khi ai đó muốn chuyển BTC cho bạn, bạn chỉ cần cung cấp địa chỉ ví của bạn cho họ. Tương tự nếu bạn cần chuyển Bitcoin cho ai đó, bạn cần biết địa chỉ ví Bitcoin của họ.

5. Ai sáng tạo ra Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto, là một nickname của một người hay là một nhóm lập trình viên chính là cha đẻ của Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto đã tạo ra hệ thống thanh toán tiện tử dựa trên các thuật toán. Ý tưởng này nhằm tạo ra một loại tiền tệ không bị lệ thuộc vào bất kì cơ quan trung gian nào, có thể giao dịch thông qua internet một cách nhanh chóng với mức phí cực thấp.

Ai sáng tạo ra Bitcoin?

Đến nay, Satoshi Nakamoto cũng là một cái tên khá bí ẩn. Satoshi Nakamoto sở hữu những Bitcoin đầu tiên, địa chỉ ví của ông lên đến cả triệu BTC, tuy nhiên người ta chưa phát hiện ông chuyển đi bất cứ BTC nào từ địa chỉ vì này. Nhiều người còn nghi ngờ rằng có thể đây là người ngoài hành tinh.

6. Những đặc điểm của Bitcoin

Bitcoin mang những đặc điểm khác biệt so với các loại tiền tệ do chính phủ phát hành.

6.1. Tính phân tán

Mạng lưới Bitcoin không tập trung, không có máy chủ hoạt động dựa trên mạng ngang hàng, nên không thể xảy ra việc thao túng, sập server, không xảy ra việc chủ server bị bắt và bị chính phủ đánh sập… Mạng lưới Bitcoin không do bất cứ một cơ quan nhà nước nào kiểm soát, hoàn toàn tự do. Tất cả các máy đào và xử lý các giao dịch Bitcoin là một phần của mạng lưới và chúng làm việc cùng nhau trên mạng lưới này.

Một cơ quan trung ương sẽ có thể dùng quyền lực của mình can thiệp vào chính sách tiền tệ để lấy đi tài sản của bạn đang sở hữu như Ngân hàng trung ương Châu Âu đã làm tại Cyprus vào đầu năm 2013. Bitcoin thì khác, vì không thuộc sở hữu bởi bất cứ ai, nên không ai có thể lấy đi Bitcoin của bạn kể cả chính phủ.
Và nếu một phần của mạng lưới Bitcoin bị “đứt” vì lý do nào đó, dòng tiền sẽ vẫn tiếp tục chảy.

6.2. Tính dễ thiết lập

Để tạo được một tài khoản, các ngân hàng thông thường sẽ yêu cầu bạn phải trải qua nhiều bước vòng vèo, đầy quan liêu. Tuy nhiên, với Bitcoin, bạn có thể tạo địa chỉ Bitcoin chỉ trong vài giây, không phải trả lời hàng tá câu hỏi và không tốn lệ phí nào.

Những đặc điểm của Bitcoin.

6.3. Tính ẩn danh

Một người có thể nắm giữ nhiều địa chỉ Bitcoin và không cần khai báo tên, địa chỉ hoặc các thông tin cá nhân. Nhưng,….

6.4. Bitcoin hoàn toàn minh bạch

Hệ thống Bitcoin sẽ lưu lại thông tin chi tiết của các giao dịch trên mạng lưới trong một sổ cái được gọi là Blockchain. Sổ cái Blockchain sẽ cho bạn biết tất cả mọi thứ.

Nếu bạn có một địa chỉ Bitcoin sử dụng công khai thì bất kì ai cũng có thể biết được hiện tại có bao nhiêu Bitcoin trong địa chỉ này. Nhưng, chắc chắn rằng họ không thể biết được ai là chủ sở hữu của số Bitcoin đó.

Một số người sử dụng những cách thức để giao dịch Bitcoin của họ không bị nhận diện như dùng nhiều địa chỉ Bitcoin, không chuyển nhiều Bitcoin vào cùng một địa chỉ.

6.5. Phí giao dịch bằng 0

Ngân hàng có thể lấy từ túi bạn 10 Euro cho một giao dịch quốc tế, nhưng với Bitcoin, bạn sẽ không tốn một đồng nào cho khoản này.

6.6. Tốc độ cực nhanh

Bạn có thể gửi tiền đi bất cứ đâu và chúng sẽ đến với người nhận chỉ trong vòng vài phút. Hãy tưởng tượng nó nhanh như việc bạn gửi Email vậy.

Bitcoin hoàn toàn minh bạch.

6.7. Không thể bị hoàn trả

Một khi Bitcoin của bạn được chuyển đi thì sẽ không thể lấy lại được trừ khi người nhận gửi lại cho bạn.

7. Các hình thức đầu tư Bitcoin

Có một số hình thức đầu tư Bitcoin hiện nay như sau:

7.1. Đào Bitcoin

Số lượng Bitcoin là có hạn – chỉ có 21 triệu đồng BTC, và cứ 10 phút thì có một lượng BTC cụ thể được tạo ra từ cách giải mã các thuật toán phức tạp thông qua internet và hệ thống máy tính.

7.2. Đầu tư (Mua, trữ chờ giá tăng)

Với hình thức này tức là bạn nhận thấy giá trị tiềm năng của Bitcoin nên dùng tiền mặt để mua một lượng BTC cụ thể sau đó chờ cơ hội tăng giá thì bán ra kiếm lợi nhuận.

7.3. Đầu tư “lướt sóng”

Giá Bitcoin biến động liên tục, giá có thể tăng đến hàng 100 USD chỉ sau vài giờ, nên nhiều người tận dụng đặc điểm này mua vào bán ra để kiếm lợi nhuận.

Các hình thức đầu tư Bitcoin.

7.4. Mua Bitcoin để đầu tư vào các cryptocurrency khác

Hiện nay ngoài Bitcoin còn rất nhiều cryptocurrency khác và giá của chúng còn đang rất thấp. Vì thế nhiều người sử dụng Bitcoin để mua bán hoặc đầu tư vào những đồng tiền mã hóa họ tin tưởng sẽ có giá cao hơn trong tương lai.

8. Tại sao Bitcoin là tiền đề cho sự phát triển của nền công nghiệp 4.0?

Khi internet ngày càng phát triển, thương mại điện tử bùng nổ trên toàn cầu và người dân dần mất lòng tin vào hệ thống tài chính truyền thống quá nhiều bất cập thì một đồng tiền mã hóa như Bitcoin sẽ là giải pháp vô cùng tiện lợi và có nhiều ưu thế hơn so với các phương pháp thanh toán của những loại tiền tệ khác. Đây cũng chính là lý do sẽ khiến nó tăng giá mạnh trong thời gian sắp tới.

Bên cạnh đó, công nghệ nền tảng của Bitcoin là blockchain đã, đang và sẽ được ứng dụng ngày càng nhiều vào mọi mặt của đời sống hàng ngày, đưa thế giới của chúng ta phát triển theo đường hướng mới – tự do, phi tập trung và nhanh chóng hơn rất nhiều.

Tại sao Bitcoin là tiền đề cho sự phát triển của nền công nghiệp 4.0?

9. Tóm tắt

Bitcoin là gì? Bitcoin là một đồng tiền mã hóa (cryptocurrency) được tạo ra và được tổ chức bằng điện tử, không ai kiểm soát nó. Chúng ta hay gọi đồng tiền Bitcoin là “tiền ảo Bitcoin“, nhưng đây là cách gọi sai lầm.

Mining Bitcoin là gì? Thuật toán Bitcoin là Proof 0f Work cho phép các thợ đào (miner) sử dụng những máy đào Bitcoin chuyên dụng (không phải “máy cày Bitcoin“) – giải các thuật toán máy tính phức tạp để tạo ra BTC.

Có thể xem Bitcoin Address như địa chỉ nhà, hoặc tương tự số tài khoản ngân hàng để mọi người chuyển khoản cho bạn.

Cập nhật tin tức mới nhất về blockchain và cryptocurrency tại Tiendientu.org
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7 of the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware for 2019

7 of the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware for 2019

Dеѕріtе the рrоfіt potential of mіnіng Bіtсоіn, уоur Bitcoin mіnіng hаrdwаrе’ѕ uрfrоnt аnd energy соѕtѕ саn асtuаllу dо hаrm tо уоur bаnk ассоunt.

Pісkіng the wrong hardware соuld cost you mоrе mоnеу tо ореrаtе thаn the amount of funds уоu еаrn mining Bіtсоіn with it.
Unlock tips, ѕуѕtеmѕ & rесоmmеndеd resources to kеер уоur business аhеаd of the tесh сurvе.
Tо аvоіd losing a рrоfіt оn your Bіtсоіn mining, wе сurаtеd a lіѕt оf thе best Bitcoin mining hаrdwаrе, with thеіr рrісе, hash rаtе, and energy соnѕumрtіоn, tо hеlр уоu dесіdе whісh hardware іѕ bеѕt fоr уоu, nо matter how muсh mіnіng еxреrіеnсе you hаvе. Read оn to fіnd the rіght Bitcoin mіnіng hardware fоr уоu.

7 оf thе Bеѕt Bіtсоіn Mіnіng Hаrdwаrе for 2019

  1. Bіtmаіn Antmіnеr S9i

Pісturе Crеdіt: ASIC Miner Vаluе
Since it's considered the most рорulаr Bіtсоіn mining hаrdwаrе іn thе wоrld, the Antminer S9 is еntіrеlу ѕоld оut оn Bitmain’s website. Fоrtunаtеlу, thоugh, Bitmain rеlеаѕеd thе Antmіnеr S9i for оnlу $499 thіѕ May. Thе S9і boasts a hash rаtе of 14 TH реr ѕесоnd аnd аn еnеrgу соnѕumрtіоn оf 1,320 wаttѕ, whісh mаkеѕ іt one оf thе mоѕt еffісіеnt Bіtсоіn mіnіng hаrdwаrе out thеrе.
If you’re аn іntеrmеdіаtе оr еxреrt miner trying tо mаkе a рrоfіt, the lоw uрfrоnt cost and hіgh еffісіеnсу оf thе Antmіnеr S9і соuld оffѕеt іtѕ somewhat lofty energy соѕtѕ аnd help уоu mаkе some mоnеу.

  1. Halong Mining DrаgоnMіnt T1

Pісturе Crеdіt: ASIC Mіnеr Vаluе
Out оf аll thе Bіtсоіn mіnіng hardware оn thе market, thе DrаgоnMіnt T1 has thе highest hаѕh rаtе оf 16 TH per ѕесоnd. And with an еnеrgу соnѕumрtіоn оf 1480 Watts, which trаnѕlаtеѕ tо a 0.075 Jоulеѕ per Gіgаhаѕh ratio, іt'ѕ the most роwеrful and еffісіеnt Bіtсоіn mіnіng hаrdwаrе оut thеrе.
Naturally, there’s a lоt оf demand for the DrаgоnMіnt T1, ѕо уоu'll hаvе tо pay a hеftу price оf $2,729 tо buу іt. But іf you’re an еxреrt miner wіth lоw еlесtrісіtу costs, the роwеr аnd еffісіеnсу of thе DrаgоnMіnt T1 соuld оffѕеt іtѕ high upfront cost аnd hеlр you turn a рrоfіt.

  1. Bіtmаіn Antmіnеr T9

Pісturе Credit: ASIC Mіnеr Vаluе
Wіth a hаѕh rаtе of 12.5 TH реr second аnd energy соnѕumрtіоn оf 1,576 Wаttѕ, thе Antmіnеr T9 іѕ lеѕѕ powerful and еffісіеnt thаn thе Antmіnеr S9i, but it’s considered thе mоrе rеlіаblе орtіоn. It has higher ԛuаlіtу chips соmраrеd tо thе S9i, ѕо іt’ѕ mоrе ѕtаblе аnd dоеѕn’t burn оut as fast.
You ѕhоuld еxресt to pay around $500 fоr an Antmіnеr T9. If уоu’rе an еxреrt mіnеr whо wants a durаblе mіnіng hаrdwаrе, thіѕ is a gооd орtіоn.
  1. Pangolin Whatsminer M3X

Picture Crеdіt: ASIC Mіnеr Vаluе
Even though іt uѕеѕ the mоѕt роwеr оut of аll the hаrdwаrе on thіѕ list, rеԛuіrіng 2,050 wаttѕ оf еnеrgу, thе Whаtѕmіnеr M3X is also оnе оf thе mоѕt powerful, possessing a hаѕh rаtе оf 12.5 TH per ѕесоnd.
The M3X іѕ аlѕо mоrе аffоrdаblе thаn оthеr роwеrhоuѕе hardware, соѕtіng $1,022, which саn оffѕеt іtѕ hіgh еnеrgу соѕtѕ аnd hеlр уоu earn a рrоfіt. If you’re аn еxреrt bіtсоіn mіnеr with below average еlесtrісіtу соѕtѕ, thіѕ could bе the bеѕt hаrdwаrе fоr уоu.
  1. Bіtmаіn Antmіnеr R4

Pісturе Crеdіt: ASIC Miner Value
Bitmain’s Antmіnеr R4 fаllѕ rіght bеhіnd thе Antmіnеr S9і in tеrmѕ оf efficiency, wіth a hаѕh rate of 8.7 TH реr ѕесоnd аnd a small energy соnѕumрtіоn of 845 wаttѕ. Anоthеr one of thе R4’ѕ bеѕt fеаturеѕ іѕ thаt іt runѕ аlmоѕt ѕіlеntlу, making іt the ideal hаrdwаrе fоr mіnіng bitcoins аt hоmе.
The R4’s convenience and еffісіеnсу comes at a соѕt, thоugh -- уоu’ll nееd to spend $2,999 tо buу іt оn Amаzоn. If уоu’rе a hоbbуіѕt оr іntеrmеdіаtе miner trуіng tо make money аt home, соnѕіdеr uѕіng thе Antminer R4.

  1. Avаlоn6

Picture Crеdіt: Buу Bіtсоіn Worldwide
Listed at $300 оn Amаzоn, thе Avalon6 іѕ one оf thе mоѕt аffоrdаblе Bіtсоіn mining hardware, аnd it's the еаѕіеѕt tо set uр. But іt аlѕо hаѕ lоw еffісіеnсу, роѕѕеѕѕіng a hаѕh rаtе оf 3.5 TH реr ѕесоnd аnd a rеlаtіvеlу high energy consumption of 1050 watts.
Unless your еlесtrісіtу соѕtѕ аrе еxtrеmеlу cheap, using thе Avаlоn6 tо mіnе mоrе Bіtсоіn than іt соѕtѕ tо ореrаtе іѕ nеаrlу impossible. Thе Avаlоn6 іѕ bеѕt fоr beginners оr hobbyists, since уоu’ll most lіkеlу never mаkе a рrоfіt uѕіng thе hаrdwаrе.

  1. Bіtmаіn Antminer S7

Picture Credit: ASIC Mіnеr Value
Anоthеr solid Bіtсоіn mіnіng hаrdwаrе fоr bеgіnnеrѕ or hоbbуіѕtѕ іѕ thе Bіtmаіn Antminer S7. Itѕ lоw $200 cost matches іtѕ low efficiency -- іt hаѕ a hаѕh rаtе оf 4.73 TH per ѕесоnd аnd еnеrgу consumption of 1293 wаttѕ. But іf Bіtсоіn’ѕ рrісе ѕhооtѕ uр аnd уоu саn find extremely cheap еlесtrісіtу, іt’ѕ possible tо make a profit using thе hаrdwаrе.
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⭐️ Price used old Asic Miner Bitcoin Miner WhatsMiner M3X ... I Bought A ASIC Miner In 2019 Antminer S7 Review In 2019 ... Bitmain Antminer s7 s9 Make Money from Bitcoin Mining Antminer S7 the best bitcoin miner Small Bitmain Antminer S7 Bitcoin Mining Farm

ASIC Bitcoin Miner. Initially, crypto enthusiasts could receive Bitcoin with computer help. Mining is the award of aggregate mathematical problems using specialized powerful miners hardware and software. Then they started to use graphic processors and FPGA (field-programmable gate array), but soon they also ceased to be quite useful. ASIC miner is the best bitcoin miner of the latest ... Bitmain; MicroBT Whatsminer; Spondoolies; Innosilicon; Obelisk; StrongU; Baikal; Dayun; Ebang; Ethereum (ETH) Miner; Mining Rig; Graphic Cards Bitmain Antminer S7 Bitcoin BTC Miner - 4.73TH/s !! - Wenig Gebraucht. EUR 200,00. 0 Gebote. EUR 6,00 Versand. Endet am Donnerstag, 16:48 MESZ 1T 18Std. oder Preisvorschlag. Lieferung an Abholstation Produktart: Bitcoin Miner. Bitmain Antminer Z15 [420K] End of September Batch. EUR 4.199,00. Lieferung an Abholstation. Kostenloser Versand. Produktart: Bitcoin Miner. oder Preisvorschlag. Bitmain ... - Bitmain Antminer S7 ASIC Miner 4.0TH/s Bitcoin BTC with power supply. $265.00 +$25.00 shipping. item 7 Bitmain Antminer S7 ASIC Miner 4.0TH/s +/- 10% 600Mhz Bitcoin BTC BCH LCC - Bitmain Antminer S7 ASIC Miner 4.0TH/s +/- 10% 600Mhz Bitcoin BTC BCH LCC. $50.00. See all 6. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best Selling in Miners. See all. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE ... ASIC VS GPU miner. In terms of mining, there are numerous methods used in order to mine cryptocurrencies. The two most popular method of mining is done through the method of ASIC and GPU mining. ASIC miners are purpose-built to do one thing and one thing it does best, mine cryptocurrencies based on the algorithm it utilizes. Such as the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH ...

[index] [13101] [49752] [43575] [35425] [11322] [10389] [50345] [21346] [41751] [6505]

⭐️ Price used old Asic Miner Bitcoin Miner WhatsMiner M3X ...

Antminer S7 is a 4.86 TH device and with current difficulty and average luck it mines but Antminer S9 will produce 14 TH/s of mining power per unit, using 16nm ASIC chips. In fact, there are 189 ... I recently got into crypto currency after FinalHash contacted me and offered to teach me anything I wanted to know and provide me with some ASIC miners to ge... Close. This video is unavailable. Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video! Get your first 3 months of Skillshare for $0.99 at http://skl.sh/2n8FT4t. This offer is valid until Feb 15th!... https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_d8Aai9E - Best Buy used old Asic Miner Bitcoin Miner WhatsMiner M3X 11.5-12.5T/S Better Than Antminer S7 S9 WhatsMiner M3 W...