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[Guide] Python-Trezor on cold offline Raspberry Pi

I am happy to report that the python-trezor command line scripts work successfully on a Piper which is really a Raspberry Pi running Debian wheezy.
This does require you to connect your Piper online initially, so I recommend buying a new 4GB SD card and flashing the piper firmware if you have already used piper to generate cold offline keys. You'll need this for the hexagonal screws and this for the wiring
You can download the latest firmware ISO here and here is how you burn the image
From there I did sudo apt-get update and installed the Trezor dependencies including cython, libusb, python-trezor, cython-hidapi, trezor-common and ran sudo python setup.py build/install as per these 2 guides edit : and pip install trezor as per stickac (I have not yet tried the electrum 2 beta parts of the guides, as I don't require cold offline electrum 2)
This still does not install the english wordlist which you will need to do manually.
Edit : Adding BIP39 library should also install english.txt
You might also want to download my hidden passphrase/PIN entry python-trezor fork
Lastly I needed to unplug the USB mouse from my keyboard hub, in order to provide Trezor with adequate power.
Confirm that everything is working
./cmdtr.py list
Pull out the Ethernet cable, and never plug it back in (without first wiping the SD card)
Congratulations you can now initialize and restore Trezor - in a fully cold offline environment - and if you wish, provide your own entropy
Expert tips :
Delete your shell history
semi-securely delete files off SD flash
Version 2 :
I have added support for the latest electrum 2.0 beta, trezor support and btchip support
Update to the newest github versions
navigate to /python-trezor and git pull navigate to /python-mnemonic and git pull
Update libraries
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install -f 
Install dependencies
sudo apt-get install python-qt4 python-dev pyqt-dev-tools python-pip sudo apt-get install python-usb libusb-dev sudo pip install --upgrade pyusb 
Install btchip support
mkdir btchip cd btchip get https://hardwarewallet.com/zip/add_btchip_driver.sh sudo bash add_btchip_driver.sh git clone https://github.com/btchip/btchip-python cd btchip-python sudo python setup.py install 
cd samples python getFirmwareVersion.py cd ../btchip python btchipPersoWizard.py 
btchipPersoWizard.py should bring up a GUI setup wizard if core.usb is setup properly
cd ../.. git clone https://github.com/btchip/btchip-c-api.git cd btchip-c-api mkdir bin make cd bin ./btchip_getFirmwareVersion 
Install electrum 2.0 Beta
git clone https://github.com/spesmilo/electrum cd electrum sudo python setup.py install pyrcc4 icons.qrc -o gui/qt/icons_rc.py python setup.py sdist --format=zip,gztar electrum 
File > New > Hardware wallet. Both Trezor and btchip work as they do on OSX, apart from the Pi's slow CPU taking ages to generate the HD tree and Sync.
At this stage a Pi is too slow to receive btchip's 2fa OTP confirmation code, with the auto-type saturating the text buffer. I'm confident Nicholas can fix this in firmware. Edit: an ipad2 + Apple CCK is too slow to buffer the seed about 1/4 times. Edit 2: an iPhone5/retina iPad mini + Lighning to USB camera cable works with btchip with iOS 8.1 with selected text editors.
You can use btchipPersoWizard.py to restore a BIP39 mnemonic, however btchip's HW1 is unable to support on-device BIP39 seed+passphrase, but this feature might be added to the electrum plugin later.
I don't know if greenaddress CRX will work on piper, there doesn't seem to be an official armhf build available from google, and the latest sudo apt-get install chromium version is v22 whereas Chrome is at v38. (it might be possible to download https://github.com/greenaddress/WalletCrx and pack/drag-drop the extension manually in developer mode)
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