Bitcoin Mining: Difference between Pcie 3.0 vs Pcie 2.0 ...

Bitcoin Mining: Difference between Pcie 3.0 vs Pcie 2.0

I heard there is a 30% transcoding difference between pcie 2 and 3, but would it justify the cost difference of the mobos? Mobo : Sabertooth 990FX, $79.99 Cpu: FX8120, 179.99 Psu: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold 1200W, 219.99 gpu: 3x 7970s Generic, HDD, Ram, Case
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Best PC hardware for Bitcoin Core Syncing?

Hi guys,
I would like to get your expertise in what you think is the best computer hardware parts for syncing the blockchain on Bitcoin core really fast, ranked from most important to least.
Is it: CPU Hard drive RAM?
I have a really old PC for syncing right now and looking to upgrade it. But I'm trying to figure out what will/won't help sync speed times and to see how much to budget. I have decent internet download speed, I think it's 650mbps.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks all!
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1 million bitcoins
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Comment (1pts) in Windows10, "New PC - Any Antivirus/ Malware tips?", (23 Sep 17):
It is highly ineffective and limits your computers performance a lot by always running in background. It's absolutely useless. Windows defender is good enough and use logic. Don't download softwares...
Comment (1pts) in Windows10, "New PC - Any Antivirus/ Malware tips?", (23 Sep 17):
No, don't use CCleaner. Their update server was compromised and your computer could be affected by malware through CCleaner. Just don't use any tools like this. Uninstall them manually. Read about...
Comment (1pts) in Windows10, "Question about Ccleaner", (23 Sep 17):
I think you should be fine. Just don't use any antivirus softwares or tools. Windows defender is good enough. And occasional scanning with malwarebytes gets the job done.
Comment (1pts) in Amd, "Any b350 motherboards have an internal usb 3.1 gen 2...", (22 Sep 17):
No right now I don't see any B350 motherboard having USB 3.1 gen 2 internal header.
Comment (1pts) in LineageOS, "Is LineageOS 15 able to be built from source?", (22 Sep 17):
It completely depends your kernel source and device tree.
Comment (1pts) in AMDRyzen, "Gigabyte GA-AB350-GAMING 3 vs Gigabyte GA-AB350M-GAMING 3...", (27 Aug 17):
Depends on your requirements. M version is micro ATX. The AB350 has one more PCIE express slot which might be useful if you use more PCIE cards like capture cards, network cards etc. If you don't...
Submission in Amd, "Audio output on ALC887", 1pts (08 May 17)
Submission in Amd, "My Ryzen PC build", 1pts (07 May 17)
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Price is less check here
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world's first snapdragon 820 phone
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Need some troubleshooting help! Riser 008s and R3c

This project isn't for gpu mining but I know these risers are mainly used for this purpose so I thought I might get some good feedback here. My project is that I have an itx board with a single x16 pcie slot. It also has 3 m.2 pcie gen3 x4 slots. I have one free m.2 slot and wanted to convert that to x16 via riser. I wanted a 2nd low power silent gpu added to the rig. I went with the fanless msi 1030. It has a max draw of ~30w so I figured sata power would be safe. I purchased this and this to test with. Neither work!! So it must be something on my end?? The first part is fairly standard, the difference being I'm going to a m.2 slot where most of you are coming from x1 or x4. "In theory" this should just work! I'll start with the 2nd part since it's very simple: m.2 connector -> x16 socket + sata power. I hooked this up, seated the gpu and booted up. Nothing. Not even bios. I pulled the gpu and booted. Bios worked and booted up (running a 1080ti direct on the board). Installed the gpu back and nothing. I bought the 1030 used so I pulled the 1080ti and installed the 1030 direct to the mb. Works! So then I thought maybe the riser is bad or that sata power is insufficient seeing that most gpus would also have 6+8pin direct whereas mine has no external power. So I swapped risers out. This time the 008s with additional power connectors. Exact same thing. First I powered via pci only. Then sata+pci. And finally sata+pci+molex. In all situations the red led lit up. In all situations if I do not have the gpu plugged in it boots up fine. The strange thing is I never get into bios. No speaker or post lcd on this board so my troubleshooting is limited. And to note I test both gpu hdmi ports just to make sure one vs the other was set to primary. I got lazy and just looked at my mouse to light up to see if it booted. The mouse stayed dark, implying it never posted. Any help would be greatly appreciated! solved I have two m.2. ports which are pcie only. I have 1 port that is pcie/sata. the suggestion by u/sqrtlurface was to use the pcie/sata port and now the 1030 is being recognized in both linux and windows.
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Technical Cryptonight Discussion: What about low-latency RAM (RLDRAM 3, QDR-IV, or HMC) + ASICs?

The Cryptonight algorithm is described as ASIC resistant, in particular because of one feature:
A megabyte of internal memory is almost unacceptable for the modern ASICs. 
EDIT: Each instance of Cryptonight requires 2MB of RAM. Therefore, any Cryptonight multi-processor is required to have 2MB per instance. Since CPUs are incredibly well loaded with RAM (ie: 32MB L3 on Threadripper, 16 L3 on Ryzen, and plenty of L2+L3 on Skylake Servers), it seems unlikely that ASICs would be able to compete well vs CPUs.
In fact, a large number of people seem to be incredibly confident in Cryptonight's ASIC resistance. And indeed, anyone who knows how standard DDR4 works knows that DDR4 is unacceptable for Cryptonight. GDDR5 similarly doesn't look like a very good technology for Cryptonight, focusing on high-bandwidth instead of latency.
Which suggests only an ASIC RAM would be able to handle the 2MB that Cryptonight uses. Solid argument, but it seems to be missing a critical point of analysis from my eyes.
What about "exotic" RAM, like RLDRAM3 ?? Or even QDR-IV?


QDR-IV SRAM is absurdly expensive. However, its a good example of "exotic RAM" that is available on the marketplace. I'm focusing on it however because QDR-IV is really simple to describe.
QDR-IV costs roughly $290 for 16Mbit x 18 bits. It is true Static-RAM. 18-bits are for 8-bits per byte + 1 parity bit, because QDR-IV is usually designed for high-speed routers.
QDR-IV has none of the speed or latency issues with DDR4 RAM. There are no "banks", there are no "refreshes", there are no "obliterate the data as you load into sense amplifiers". There's no "auto-charge" as you load the data from the sense-amps back into the capacitors.
Anything that could have caused latency issues is gone. QDR-IV is about as fast as you can get latency-wise. Every clock cycle, you specify an address, and QDR-IV will generate a response every clock cycle. In fact, QDR means "quad data rate" as the SRAM generates 2-reads and 2-writes per clock cycle. There is a slight amount of latency: 8-clock cycles for reads (7.5nanoseconds), and 5-clock cycles for writes (4.6nanoseconds). For those keeping track at home: AMD Zen's L3 cache has a latency of 40 clocks: aka 10nanoseconds at 4GHz
Basically, QDR-IV BEATS the L3 latency of modern CPUs. And we haven't even begun to talk software or ASIC optimizations yet.

CPU inefficiencies for Cryptonight

Now, if that weren't bad enough... CPUs have a few problems with the Cryptonight algorithm.
  1. AMD Zen and Intel Skylake CPUs transfer from L3 -> L2 -> L1 cache. Each of these transfers are in 64-byte chunks. Cryptonight only uses 16 of these bytes. This means that 75% of L3 cache bandwidth is wasted on 48-bytes that would never be used per inner-loop of Cryptonight. An ASIC would transfer only 16-bytes at a time, instantly increasing the RAM's speed by 4-fold.
  2. AES-NI instructions on Ryzen / Threadripper can only be done one-per-core. This means a 16-core Threadripper can at most perform 16 AES encryptions per clock tick. An ASIC can perform as many as you'd like, up to the speed of the RAM.
  3. CPUs waste a ton of energy: there's L1 and L2 caches which do NOTHING in Cryptonight. There are floating-point units, memory controllers, and more. An ASIC which strips things out to only the bare necessities (basically: AES for Cryptonight core) would be way more power efficient, even at ancient 65nm or 90nm designs.

Ideal RAM access pattern

For all yall who are used to DDR4, here's a special trick with QDR-IV or RLDRAM. You can pipeline accesses in QDR-IV or RLDRAM. What does this mean?
First, it should be noted that Cryptonight has the following RAM access pattern:
QDR-IV and RLDRAM3 still have latency involved. Assuming 8-clocks of latency, the naive access pattern would be:
  1. Read
  2. Stall
  3. Stall
  4. Stall
  5. Stall
  6. Stall
  7. Stall
  8. Stall
  9. Stall
  10. Write
  11. Stall
  12. Stall
  13. Stall
  14. Stall
  15. Stall
  16. Stall
  17. Stall
  18. Stall
  19. Read #2
  20. Stall
  21. Stall
  22. Stall
  23. Stall
  24. Stall
  25. Stall
  26. Stall
  27. Stall
  28. Write #2
  29. Stall
  30. Stall
  31. Stall
  32. Stall
  33. Stall
  34. Stall
  35. Stall
  36. Stall
This isn't very efficient: the RAM sits around waiting. Even with "latency reduced" RAM, you can see that the RAM still isn't doing very much. In fact, this is why people thought Cryptonight was safe against ASICs.
But what if we instead ran four instances in parallel? That way, there is always data flowing.
  1. Cryptonight #1 Read
  2. Cryptonight #2 Read
  3. Cryptonight #3 Read
  4. Cryptonight #4 Read
  5. Stall
  6. Stall
  7. Stall
  8. Stall
  9. Stall
  10. Cryptonight #1 Write
  11. Cryptonight #2 Write
  12. Cryptonight #3 Write
  13. Cryptonight #4 Write
  14. Stall
  15. Stall
  16. Stall
  17. Stall
  18. Stall
  19. Cryptonight #1 Read #2
  20. Cryptonight #2 Read #2
  21. Cryptonight #3 Read #2
  22. Cryptonight #4 Read #2
  23. Stall
  24. Stall
  25. Stall
  26. Stall
  27. Stall
  28. Cryptonight #1 Write #2
  29. Cryptonight #2 Write #2
  30. Cryptonight #3 Write #2
  31. Cryptonight #4 Write #2
  32. Stall
  33. Stall
  34. Stall
  35. Stall
  36. Stall
Notice: we're doing 4x the Cryptonight in the same amount of time. Now imagine if the stalls were COMPLETELY gone. DDR4 CANNOT do this. And that's why most people thought ASICs were impossible for Cryptonight.
Unfortunately, RLDRAM3 and QDR-IV can accomplish this kind of pipelining. In fact, that's what they were designed for.


As good as QDR-IV RAM is, its way too expensive. RLDRAM3 is almost as fast, but is way more complicated to use and describe. Due to the lower cost of RLDRAM3 however, I'd assume any ASIC for CryptoNight would use RLDRAM3 instead of the simpler QDR-IV. RLDRAM3 32Mbit x36 bits costs $180 at quantities == 1, and would support up to 64-Parallel Cryptonight instances (In contrast, a $800 AMD 1950x Threadripper supports 16 at the best).
Such a design would basically operate at the maximum speed of RLDRAM3. In the case of x36-bit bus and 2133MT/s, we're talking about 2133 / (Burst Length4 x 4 read/writes x 524288 inner loop) == 254 Full Cryptonight Hashes per Second.
254 Hashes per second sounds low, and it is. But we're talking about literally a two-chip design here. 1-chip for RAM, 1-chip for the ASIC/AES stuff. Such a design would consume no more than 5 Watts.
If you were to replicate the ~5W design 60-times, you'd get 15240 Hash/second at 300 Watts.


Depending on cost calculations, going cheaper and "making more" might be a better idea. RLDRAM2 is widely available at only $32 per chip at 800 MT/s.
Such a design would theoretically support 800 / 4x4x524288 == 95 Cryptonight Hashes per second.
The scary part: The RLDRAM2 chip there only uses 1W of power. Together, you get 5 Watts again as a reasonable power-estimate. x60 would be 5700 Hashes/second at 300 Watts.
Here's Micron's whitepaper on RLDRAM2: . RLDRAM3 is the same but denser, faster, and more power efficient.

Hybrid Cube Memory

Hybrid Cube Memory is "stacked RAM" designed for low latency. As far as I can tell, Hybrid Cube memory allows an insane amount of parallelism and pipelining. It'd be the future of an ASIC Cryptonight design. The existence of Hybrid Cube Memory is more about "Generation 2" or later. In effect, it demonstrates that future designs can be lower-power and give higher-speed.

Realistic ASIC Sketch: RLDRAM3 + Parallel Processing

The overall board design would be the ASIC, which would be a simple pipelined AES ASIC that talks with RLDRAM3 ($180) or RLDRAM2 ($30).
Its hard for me to estimate an ASIC's cost without the right tools or design. But a multi-project wafer like MOSIS offers "cheap" access to 14nm and 22nm nodes. Rumor is that this is roughly $100k per run for ~40 dies, suitable for research-and-development. Mass production would require further investments, but mass production at the ~65nm node is rumored to be in the single-digit $$millions or maybe even just 6-figures or so.
So realistically speaking: it'd take ~$10 Million investment + a talented engineer (or team of engineers) who are familiar with RLDRAM3, PCIe 3.0, ASIC design, AES, and Cryptonight to build an ASIC.


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7GPU build is losing its mind freezing. Testing for failed parts is tedious

Feel free to laugh at my career ending $12,000 blunder.
I did have this whole thing stable for about 1 day, but now it's all gone to hell. I attempted a server rack mounted build similar to the Linus 7 gamers 1 PC video.
Parts List:
Any thoughts? personal experiences to draw on? At this point, I'd settle for just random ideas? Should I try rolling the Bios from 3502 back to 3402? Maybe run all GPUs off external power and only the motherboard and CPU off a main PSU?
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Question about video cards

It's almost christmas and apparently there's a chance someone might get me a video card. My computer is an i7, 8gigs of ram, and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 530 graphics card. Nothing runs great, but games start. Obviously I'd love some video card thats worth three times as much as my entire computer, but, a more reasonable price for Christmas is $300. I guess my first question is about GTX 950, 960, 970's and 770's. When I look at their benchmarks on the 770 beats the 960 -> Is the middle number the one im looking at when im thinking how new these are? Not really important, just confused me. Next question, Zotac GeForce GTX 960 2GB DDR5 PCI-E 3.0 Video Card vs MSI Graphics Card GTX 960 GAMING 2G. Are these basically the same thing? They are $30 different in price; it's just the brand correct? I found a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 PCIE Video Card for $30 ($330) more then the 960. (it's $100 off till christmas). Would this be my best bet? I mean; I know it's the best of crappy ones I listed, but, is it significantly better then the 960's? I play overwatch on minimum settings with 20-25fps. I have 100% time on Mercy (160+ hours) cause trying to shoot people isn't very fun when moving your mouse causes the world to go blurry. Oh: I guess one other question. They list the power requirements on the video cards; is that just for the card, or is that for how powerful it should be in the system. Currently I have just my stock powersupply (you know, cause I haven't upgraded anything in this computer), but I have a 750w power supply I purchased for my bitcoin antminers but it has the wrong rails... or something like that. I'll need to see how that all plugs in. edit: Also, I've never actually upgraded hardware before. Can I just... power down my system, slap in the new components and boot it back up?
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Is this server build okay?

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3: 60eur
CPU: AMD FX 4300: 80eur
HDD: WD Red Retail Kit 4TB: 167eur
Primary Disk: Sandisk 64GB SATA III: 40eur
Case: Bitfenix Shinobi Core: 67eur
PSU: Corsair VS Series 450Watt: 43eur
Fans: 3x 120mm fans + stock cpu cooler: 12eur
UPS: APC Back-UPS BX 700VA (has USB support): 70eur
RAM: Hyperx Savage 8GB: 50eur
Total: Around 675euro
I am thinking of starting an Bitcoin based FTP cloud storage (I already have the code), so the setup would look like this (and of course i'll also use it for personal purposes if no one signs up):
Apache2 + Pure-Ftpd + mysql5 + Mail server + BTRFS volume (and later on RAID 6) + S3 Backup (encrypted).
It can be easily upgraded as the case supports 8 3.5 hard drives and the mobo 6 (but i can get a pcie sata card later)
Any suggestions?
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Assembling wishlist for rig parts.

I've decided to start a rack of dedicated bitcoin miners and I am planning the parts right now, but I have a few questions.
Q1. 5770 Single Slot vs 5830?
Q2. Is overclock worth it in the long term (since the warranty is no longer valid)?
Q3: Anyone have a decent Mobo link? I'm trying to figure out what mobo would be good for a 4U case and a power supply to go with it to match the number of PCI-E slots maxed out.
Old Rig Specs:
Now for logistics: I own a 5770 (old one) and it only gets 175 MHash, so the spreadsheet is wrong on that account. It would seem 5830 would be my best bet if they're still stocking it next month. Although the single slot 5770 would be nice too.
Table time. Note I am using 175 MHash for $/MHash calculation.
Component|Description|Source|Amount+Shipping :---|:---|:--- Chassis|Middle Atlantic RC-4|Amazon|$54.99+$9.99 Power Supply|Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 530W, 80 PLUS Certified|NewEgg|$49.99 Motherboard|ASRock M3A770DE|NewEgg|$59.99+$4.99 CPU|AMD Sempron 140|NewEgg|$37.99 Memory|2x 1GB DDR3|NewEgg|$25.98+$1.98 Graphics card|XFX 5770 Single Slot|NewEgg|$126.99 PCIe x1 adapter|Extender Cable PCI-E 1X Riser Adapter|9mart|$9 Storage|Recert Western Digital Caviar 80GB|NewEgg|$16.99 SubTotal|Approx $1.66/MHash w/ 1 Card||$271.89 SubTotal2|Approx $0.96/MHash w/ 3 Cards||$525.87 Optional| Rack|StarTech 2POSTRACK 42U -- about ten 4U/Rack|NewEgg|$119.99+$36.47 Total|With Rack + SubTotal2||$682.33
Some things to note:
I want to find the best solution to the card per mobo with a decent power supply. I also want to add joule rating cost for the components on the table.
submitted by Xdes to BitcoinMining [link] [comments]

PCI Express 1.0 vs 2.0 vs 3.0 vs 4.0  R5 3600 + RX 5700XT ... PCIe 4.0 vs 3.0 vs 2.0 (Gaming) ft. RX 5700 XT & Ryzen 9 ... PCi express 2.0 serve em 3.0 ! 1.1 serve pra 2.0!? - YouTube Graphic card compatibility problem with PCI express x16 ... PCIe 4.0 vs. PCIe 3.0 RX 5700XT + Ryzen 7 3700X - YouTube

So if you put a PCIe 2.0 card in a PCIe 3.0 slot, you’ll get PCIe 2.0 performance. PCIe 4.0. The PCIe 4.0 standard debuted in 2017 and offers 64 GBps of throughput. It’s available for ... Bitcoin Mining: Difference between Pcie 3.0 vs Pcie 2.0 (self.Bitcoin) submitted 7 years ago by O3tour I heard there is a 30% transcoding difference between pcie 2 and 3, but would it justify the cost difference of the mobos? PCIe 3 has been available on a huge swathe of different motherboards since 2010, and continues to be the most populous PCIe port available in 2020. It’s found on 300 and 400-series motherboards ... PCIe 2.0 x8. Eight PCI Express 2.0 lanes equal the performance of x16 PCI Express 1.1, providing 4 GB/s upstream and 4 GB/s downstream bandwidth to and from the graphics board. Using the PCIe 2.0 x16 slot in x4 mode disables three of the PCIe 2.0 x1 slots." "The most interesting part in these results is the finding that last year's most powerful graphics cards perform just fine at PCIe 2.0 x8 or even PCIe 3.0 x4. That means that three-way SLI or CrossFireX should be viable, even in x8/x4/x4, on Ivy Bridge or Haswell ...

[index] [6427] [32768] [38596] [18126] [38109] [9483] [4903] [12986] [24234] [46152]

PCI Express 1.0 vs 2.0 vs 3.0 vs 4.0 R5 3600 + RX 5700XT ...

Pci express version 2.0 vs version 3.0 , Gen 2 vs Gen 3. Is there any real performance loss when a midrange/high end gpu used in pcie 2.0 slot ? 11 games ben... Наверное точнее сказать - какая пропускная способность нужна для вашей видеокарты, но думаю что и так всё ... PCIe x16 3.0 vs. 2.0 Tested in Middle Earth- Shadow of War, Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed Unity & Quantum Break. If you guys have a little time, pay a visit ... How much PCIE 3.0 is better than 2.0 ? Trivia : PCIE = PCI Express = Peripheral Component Interconnect Express Test system ASRock Z370 Taichi P4.00 2x8GB DDR... 💥Link do Sorteio 💥Configs do Meu PC💥 ↪ Placa Mae... ASROCK H81 DDr3 1150 🔴Cpu...Core i5 4570 3.20ghz 🔴Ram ...