Bitcoin Tops $10,000 As "Digital Gold" Narrative Gains ...

12-09 08:43 - 'The Next Pearl Harbour? China's Gold-Backed Crypto Currency Will Blindside US Dollar' ( by /u/DoinWhatImDoin removed from /r/Bitcoin within 17-27min

The Next Pearl Harbour? China's Gold-Backed Crypto Currency Will Blindside US Dollar
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Zerohedge: Bitcoin versus Gold

"consider the Bitcoin proof-of-work hashing and block validation as a massive, continuous investment of energy to maintain the network."
"Gold doesn’t need to refer to a blockchain to know what it merely exists and continues to exist effortlessly and without the need for any subsequent investment of metabolic energy."
"When I use my smartphone to create a Bitcoin wallet, transfer some coins in, and send them to a friend who’s using a smartphone halfway across the world, this activity may appear to be virtual to myself and my friend. The problem is that behind the virtual act, what is, in actuality, enabling all of this to take place is massive amounts of physical infrastructure in the natural world, comprised of computational hardware, energy transformers, physical space, and human computer engineers. That this infrastructure is not directly tethered to my act of communicating a transaction using the internet changes nothing."

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RT @zerohedge: Niall Ferguson Says Bitcoin Is "An Option On Digital Gold" - Crypto Dynamic Info - Whales's

Posted at: February 15, 2019 at 10:25PM
RT @zerohedge: Niall Ferguson Says Bitcoin Is "An Option On Digital Gold"
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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Bitcoin: As Good As Gold? - ZeroHedge

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WSJ via ZeroHedge: "It's Been Dismal" - Gold Coin Sales Slump As 'Bugs' Bounce To Bitcoin

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Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar
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WSJ via ZeroHedge: "It's Been Dismal" - Gold Coin Sales Slump As 'Bugs' Bounce To Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Price Falls 40% In 3 Days Underlining Gold’s Safe Haven Credentials
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Gold Surges Above $1150 On $3.5 Billion Bid, Bitcoin Dips
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The End of the USD is next
I am really stoned and fascinated by macroeconomics. I believe the US will try to commit to Universal Basic Income in the form of a centralized electronic currency in the near to mid future.
Apparently the Turkish Lira has just imploded. BTC is at an ATH in comparison to their own currency and the gov't deliberately blew up short sellers by raising rates to over 1,000%
Combined with a physical dollar and coin shortage as we speak in the U.S. When will complete economic collapse and social unrest occur??? I am more than disappointed and saddened by this to happen and most importantly why are the American citizens watching blindly while their currency dissolves in front of their eyes
When are we leaving the twighlight zone? Does anyone else feel this is happening faster than the average person expects? Within the next year or two we will have ramped up QE in such a tremendous amount throughout the entire pandemic and either have an economic downturn, what we need or QE infinity where we are stuck in a faste larger cycle of necessary stimulus keeping "everything smooth" while devaluing our currency further in a snowball down-the-hill fashion.
Have been stacking large amounts of precious metals these past few months as well as BTC and I am considering leaving the stock market and going all in BTC, gold, and silver in order of holding percentage instead of the mere 10% BTC I currently hold. What are everyone else's thoughts on how the next debt bubble event will play out and to those who are not all in Bitcoin yet, what are your ideas on how to go about this economic catastrophe?
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Suggestion: Comrade Covid Currency (CCC)

Our parasitic masters are currently printing money like banshees and giving it to their cronies to keep them in champagne during the pandemic. If that ever trickles down to us, it will come with the usual debt-slavery and wage-slavery strings attached (and probably smell of Jeffrey Epstein). And it might be a long time in coming. In the meantime, most sovereign currencies will probably collapse faster than a geriatric Covid patient's lungs when the repo man comes for their ventilator due to non-payment of medical debts.
So how about creating our own alternative People's currency for the pandemic and beyond?
We live in a BYOP world now (Be Your Own President), so why not also make it a BYOB party too (Be Your Own central Bank) ?
Why not just use a crypto-currency like Bitcoin, you may ask? Because that was always just an NSA sting op designed to track trades on the darkweb, numbnuts!
How it would work:
It works exactly like our esteemed Comrade Covid. Wealth is spread on contact. When you meet someone you love, while keeping proper social distancing, you scan a QR code on their phone (and they do the same on yours). You are now "infected" with CCC, but unlike regular central bank plague fiat currency (e.g. US Federal Dollars) you can use CCC for mutual-aid, ethical trades, community-support, local commerce and a parallel economy run for the People, by the People. You can also print off CCC QR codes and leave them around so that people can get (voluntary) surface contact "infections", if they wish. Why not put printed QR codes in the mail, so they can spread via delivery (the same way the meatpacking industry is doing with the virus).
The CCC currency would be exchangeable for physical gold on a gold exchange to ensure that it was backed by something real, and pegged against genuine, free-market price discovery (unlike gold and everything else distorted by market manipulation and fiat currency shenanigans).
Is it legal? Nothing's legal, dufus! The last time anyone was permitted to do anything legally was back in the 1960s. But weirdly, thanks to the NSA and Bitcoin, it is legal! At least until it becomes a threat to our corrupt overlords. However, if Comrade Covid can escape a vaccine forever, why can't CCC ?
CCC would be a store of value and means of exchange as your fiat currency nest-egg gets scrambled by the Great Stagflation to come.
Undercover government plants within XR, please respond to this in order of seniority. And please clearly state your name, wank and numbness.
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The last 10 year of economic growth are bullshit

I will be discussing this article here.
I think one of the paragraph's in it, sums up what has been going on since 2008 and why we never actually recovered.
In effect, the nation has become dependent on its central bankers and their limited agenda (expand the wealth and power of the financial sector). The elected government and the real-world production of goods and services both have taken a back seat to conjured "wealth."
The economy of any nation can be divided up into 3 main sectors. Finance Sector, Industry and Manufacturing, Spending of the Average Population.
The US, which affects the entire world due to the dolarization of the planet, has been investing all of its resources into the financial sector, which benefits only people who already have ton's of money and/or people who are willing to take huge risks to speculate on "fake" growth.
The "economic growth" that our stocks and etc show, is all a fucking bubble. Unless you pulled out all your investments before 2008, you lost it all when the economy hit a "reset". Sure, you may say that its because of the housing bubble, but that caused the collapse of literally everything else. Now we live in an endless maze of bubbles that have been growing artificially through things like quantitative easing, printing more money, and again...printing more money.
Credit cards are being thrown at people who can't afford them. Car loans, house loans, loans for everything are so accessible in the US, its insane. Student loans especially are the biggest fucking bubble ever created (because first of all most of that money is going towards degrees that will never be productive to society).
The thing is, those people who have money, who have power, have been MILKING profits from speculative trading and the pretty much artificial finance sector. Literally anything that isn't a sell-able trade-able physical product is literally BULLSHIT, and it shows.
The US has printed HALF of its yearly GDP in just 2 months (March and April). By the end of the year it will print its entire GDP in cash or digital zeros tacked on to a 1. They just go into a computer and punch in some freaking numbers. How fair is that to the rest of the world, or even, its citizens! The 1,200$ stimulus check? You just got purchased into eternal slavery with that. That 1,200$ that is now worth 30% LESS than it did in 2019, BOUGHT YOU. Accepting these artificially created help from the government is contributing even more to the soon to be hyper inflation, except its going to be even worse than Germany in the 20's. Why? Because not only will we hyper inflate our currency, we are going to collapse the economy as we know it, making the entire finance sector worthless, causing exponential worthlessness of everything.
Just as the rewards of central-bank bubbles have not been evenly distributed, the pain created by the collapse of the bubbles won't be evenly distributed, either.
As the banks, wealthy, government, fed, etc swim in unlimited money to just BUY OUT (bail out) the economy and OWN everything, we are given 1,200$ that will be next to worthless. The rich are buying out every physical asset the can TODAY, while we are still living our life hoping things go back to normal, which it won't.
There really is no solution. If you buy gold, the government will simply confiscate it like in the great depression. You buy stocks? They will all hit 0 eventually. Cash? They will tell you to turn it in because they are already working on a Digital dollar to compete with china's digital currency. Bitcoin? They will declare it illegal because of some reason like it helps terrorists and launders money made by criminal organizations.
Good luck guys. If this is new info to you...this is the real red pill. You won't be having any time for women or sex.
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Elaborating on Datadash's 50k BTC Prediction: Why We Endorse the Call

As originally published via CoinLive
I am the Co-Founder at CoinLive. Prior to founding, my area of expertise was inter-market analysis. I came across Datadash 50k BTC prediction this week, and I must take my hats off to what I believe is an excellent interpretation of the inter-connectivity of various markets.
At your own convenience, you can find a sample of Intermarket analysis I've written in the past before immersing myself into cryptos full-time.
Gold inter-market: 'Out of sync' with VIX, takes lead from USD/JPY
USD/JPY inter-market: Watch divergence US-Japan yield spread
EUUSD intermarket: US yields collapse amid supply environment
Inter-market analysis: Risk back in vogue, but for how long?
USD/JPY intermarket: Bulls need higher adj in 10-y US-JP spread
The purpose of this article is to dive deeper into the factors Datadash presents in his video and how they can help us draw certain conclusions about the potential flows of capital into crypto markets and the need that will exist for a BTC ETF.
Before I do so, as a brief explainer, let's touch on what exactly Intermarket analysis refers to:
Intermarket analysis is the global interconnectivity between equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, and any other asset class; Global markets are an ever-evolving discounting and constant valuation mechanism and by studying their interconnectivity, we are much better positioned to explain and elaborate on why certain moves occur, future directions and gain insights on potential misalignments that the market may not have picked up on yet or might be ignoring/manipulating.
While such interconnectivity has proven to be quite limiting when it comes to the value one can extract from analyzing traditional financial assets and the crypto market, Datadash has eloquently been able to build a hypothesis, which as an Intermarket analyst, I consider very valid, and that matches up my own views. Nicolas Merten constructs a scenario which leads him to believe that a Bitcoin ETF is coming. Let's explore this hypothesis.
I will attempt to summarize and provide further clarity on why the current events in traditional asset classes, as described by Datadash, will inevitably result in a Bitcoin ETF. Make no mistake, Datadash's call for Bitcoin at 50k by the end of 2018 will be well justified once a BTC ETF is approved. While the timing is the most challenging part t get right, the end result won't vary.
If one wishes to learn more about my personal views on why a BTC ETF is such a big deal, I encourage you to read my article from late March this year.
Don't Be Misled by Low Liquidity/Volume - Fundamentals Never Stronger
The first point Nicholas Merten makes is that despite depressed volume levels, the fundamentals are very sound. That, I must say, is a point I couldn't agree more. In fact, I recently wrote an article titled The Paradox: Bitcoin Keeps Selling as Intrinsic Value Set to Explode where I state "the latest developments in Bitcoin's technology makes it paradoxically an ever increasingly interesting investment proposition the cheaper it gets."
However, no article better defines where we stand in terms of fundamentals than the one I wrote back on May 15th titled Find Out Why Institutions Will Flood the Bitcoin Market, where I look at the ever-growing list of evidence that shows why a new type of investors, the institutional ones, looks set to enter the market in mass.
Nicholas believes that based on the supply of Bitcoin, the market capitalization can reach about $800b. He makes a case that with the fundamentals in bitcoin much stronger, it wouldn't be that hard to envision the market cap more than double from its most recent all-time high of more than $300b.
Interest Rates Set to Rise Further
First of all, one of the most immediate implications of higher rates is the increased difficulty to bear the costs by borrowers, which leads Nicholas to believe that banks the likes of Deutsche Bank will face a tough environment going forward. The CEO of the giant German lender has actually warned that second-quarter results would reflect a “revenue environment [that] remains challenging."
Nicholas refers to the historical chart of Eurodollar LIBOR rates as illustrated below to strengthen the case that interest rates are set to follow an upward trajectory in the years to come as Central Banks continue to normalize monetary policies after a decade since the global financial crisis. I'd say, that is a correct assumption, although one must take into account the Italian crisis to be aware that a delay in higher European rates is a real possibility now.
Let's look at the following combinations: Fed Fund Rate Contract (green), German 2-year bond yields (black) and Italy's 10-year bond yield (blue) to help us clarify what's the outlook for interest rates both in Europe and the United States in the foreseeable future. The chart suggests that while the Federal Reserve remains on track to keep increasing interest rates at a gradual pace, there has been a sudden change in the outlook for European rates in the short-end of the curve.
While the European Central Bank is no longer endorsing proactive policies as part of its long-standing QE narrative, President Mario Draghi is still not ready to communicate an exit strategy to its unconventional stimulus program due to protectionism threats in the euro-area, with Italy the latest nightmare episode.
Until such major step is taken in the form of a formal QE conclusion, interest rates in the European Union will remain depressed; the latest drastic spike in Italy's benchmark bond yield to default levels is pre-emptive of lower rates for longer, an environment that on one hand may benefit the likes of Deutsche Bank on lower borrowing costs, but on the other hand, sets in motion a bigger headache as risk aversion is set to dominate financial markets, which leads to worse financial consequences such as loss of confidence and hence in equity valuations.
Deutsche Bank - End of the Road?
Nicholas argues that as part of the re-restructuring process in Deutsche Bank, they will be facing a much more challenging environment as lending becomes more difficult on higher interest rates. At CoinLive, we still believe this to be a logical scenario to expect, even if a delay happens as the ECB tries to deal with the Italian political crisis which once again raises the question of whether or not Italy should be part of the EU. Reference to an article by Zerohedge is given, where it states:
"One day after the WSJ reported that the biggest German bank is set to "decimate" its workforce, firing 10,000 workers or one in ten, this morning Deutsche Bank confirmed plans to cut thousands of jobs as part of new CEO Christian Sewing's restructuring and cost-cutting effort. The German bank said its headcount would fall “well below” 90,000, from just over 97,000. But the biggest gut punch to employee morale is that the bank would reduce headcount in its equities sales and trading business by about 25%."
There is an undeniably ongoing phenomenon of a migration in job positions from traditional financial markets into blockchain, which as we have reported in the past, it appears to be a logical and rational step to be taken, especially in light of the new revenue streams the blockchain sector has to offer. Proof of that is the fact that Binance, a crypto exchange with around 200 employees and less than 1 year of operations has overcome Deutsche Bank, in total profits. What this communicates is that the opportunities to grow an institution’s revenue stream are formidable once they decide to integrate cryptocurrencies into their business models.
One can find an illustration of Deutsche Bank's free-fall in prices below:
Nicholas takes notes of a chart in which one can clearly notice a worrying trend for Italian debt. "Just about every other major investor type has become a net seller (to the ECB) or a non-buyer of BTPs over the last couple of years. Said differently, for well over a year, the only marginal buyer of Italian bonds has been the ECB!", the team of Economists at Citi explained. One can find the article via ZeroHedge here.
Equities & Housing to Suffer the Consequences
Nicholas notes that trillions of dollars need to exit these artificially-inflated equity markets. He even mentions a legendary investor such as George Soros, who has recently warned that the world could be on the brink of another devastating financial crisis, on lingering debt concerns in Europe and a strengthening US dollar, as a destabilizing factor for both the US's emerging- and developed-market rivals.
Ray Dalio, another legend in the investing world and Founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, "has ramped up its short positions in European equities in recent weeks, bringing their total value to an estimated $22 billion", MarketWatch reports.
Nicholas extracts a chart by John Del Vecchio at where it illustrates the ratio between stocks and commodities at the lowest in over 50 years.
As the author states:
"I like to look for extremes in the markets. Extremes often pinpoint areas where returns can be higher and risk lower than in other time periods. Take the relationship between commodities and stocks. The chart below shows that commodities haven not been cheaper than stocks in a generation. We often hear this time it is different” to justify what’s going on in the world. But, one thing that never changes is human nature. People push markets to extremes. Then they revert. "
Bitcoin ETF the Holy Grail for a Cyclical Multi-Year Bull Run
It is precisely from this last chart above that leads Nicholas to believe we are on the verge of a resurgence in commodity prices. Not only that but amid the need of all this capital to exit stocks and to a certain extent risky bonds (Italian), a new commodity-based digital currency ETF based on Bitcoin will emerge in 2018.
The author of Datadash highlights the consideration to launching a Bitcoin ETF by the SEC. At CoinLive, our reporting of the subject can be found below:
"Back in April, it was reported that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has put back on the table two Bitcoin ETF proposals, according to public documents. The agency is under formal proceedings to approve a rule change that would allow NYSE Arca to list two exchange-traded funds (ETFs) proposed by fund provider ProShares. The introduction of an ETF would make Bitcoin available to a much wider share of market participants, with the ability to directly buy the asset at the click of a button, essentially simplifying the current complexity that involves having to deal with all the cumbersome steps currently in place."
Nicholas refers to the support the Bitcoin ETF has been receiving by the Cboe president Chris Concannon, which is a major positive development. CoinLive reported on the story back in late March, noting that "a Bitcoin ETF will without a doubt open the floodgates to an enormous tsunami of fresh capital entering the space, which based on the latest hints by Concannon, the willingness to keep pushing for it remains unabated as the evolution of digital assets keeps its course."
It has been for quite some time CoinLive's conviction, now supported by no other than Nicholas Merten from Datadash, that over the next 6 months, markets will start factoring in the event of the year, that is, the approval of a Bitcoin ETF that will serve as a alternative vehicle to accommodate the massive flows of capital leaving some of the traditional asset classes. As Nicholas suggests, the SEC will have little choice but to provide alternative investments.
Bitcoin as a Hedge to Lower Portfolios' Volatility
Last but not least, crypto assets such as Bitcoin and the likes have an almost non-existent correlation to other traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and commodities, which makes for a very attractive and broadly-applicable diversification strategy for the professional money as it reduces one’s portfolio volatility. The moment a Bitcoin ETF is confirmed, expect the non-correlation element of Bitcoin as a major driving force to attract further capital.
Anyone Can Be Wrong Datadash, But You Won't be Wrong Alone
Having analyzed the hypothesis by Nicholas Merten, at CoinLive we believe that the conclusion reached, that is, the creation of a Bitcoin ETF that will provide shelter to a tsunami of capital motivated by the diversification and store of value appeal of Bitcoin, is the next logical step. As per the timing of it, we also anticipate, as Nicholas notes, that it will most likely be subject to the price action in traditional assets. Should equities and credit markets hold steady, it may result in a potential delay, whereas disruption in the capital market may see the need for a BTC ETF accelerate. Either scenario, we will conclude with a quote we wrote back in March.
"It appears as though an ETF on Bitcoin is moving from a state of "If" to "When."
Datadash is certainly not alone on his 50k call. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes appears to think along the same line.
On behalf of the CoinLive Team, we want to thank Nicholas Merten at Datadash for such enlightening insights.
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CME Bitcoin Futures Are Poisoning Crypto

CME Bitcoin Futures Are Poisoning Crypto
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) launched Bitcoin futures on 17 December 2017, the same day the price of Bitcoin peaked near $20,000 and then began to crash, a crash that has lasted a year. Today, the price of Bitcoin is $3,200 and falling. The launch of the Bitcoin futures on CME and the drastic decline in Bitcoin’s price is not a coincidence. The paper Bitcoins being printed on CME and simultaneous short selling are poisoning the entire crypto space. That’s especially true since the CME Bitcoin futures are playing an increasing role in setting Bitcoin’s global price as will be explained below.
Bitcoin is supposed to have a maximum supply of 21 million Bitcoins, and this is true for actual Bitcoins, but the printing of paper Bitcoins on CME is inflating the supply of tradeable Bitcoins beyond what is actually in circulation. CME, via COMEX, is doing the same thing to the gold market. Tremendous amounts of paper gold are being printed on COMEX, as well as London OTC, leaving gold prices hopelessly supressed even though they should be rising as fiat inflation increases worldwide.
In order to understand how poisonous CME Bitcoin futures are for the crypto space, it is best to understand how COMEX has ruined the gold markets. Gold is something that is physical and must be mined from the Earth, which requires great expense and effort. However, COMEX and London OTC issues paper gold with a click of a button. An article in 2017 by Bullion Star gives great insight into this situation. London OTC has the greatest ‘gold’ volume in the world, but there is 15,000X more paper gold traded than actual gold. Worldwide in 2016, including all spot and futures exchanges, the paper to physical ratio for gold was 233:1.
The real danger comes from the fact that paper gold markets are setting the global price of physical gold. Obviously the price of paper gold is far lower than what gold should be since there is so much more paper gold than actual gold. Further, even though COMEX is by far not the biggest paper gold exchange by volume, it is the dominating force in setting global gold price since COMEX is more accessible and has extended trading hours via GLOBEX.
The Bitcoin Futures on CME are also on GLOBEX, so in effect, the same people, who have ruined the gold market’s profitability and are stealing from everyone who owns actual gold, have copied and pasted this strategy into the Bitcoin market. There is one slight adjustment that makes the Bitcoin futures even more vicious than gold futures. Holders of gold futures can receive physical delivery, but no such option exists for Bitcoin, removing any possibility that the CME Bitcoin futures can help Bitcoin’s spot demand.
Thus, Globex and CME are experts at setting global spot prices for assets, even for huge markets like gold. Bitcoiners are largely unaware of this and need to realize that a paper Bitcoin market on CME, which can print as many Bitcoins as it wants, is beginning to set the global Bitcoin price. People are looking for all sorts of reasons why Bitcoin is going down, but many fail to see the obvious influence of the CME Bitcoin futures markets.
CME Bitcoin futures have been increasing in volume in lockstep with Bitcoin’s price decline. In the below, chart each contract is equivalent to 5 Bitcoins. In Q3 2018 the trading volume of CME Bitcoin futures was 757,950 paper Bitcoins per month on average.
The Federal Reserve, the biggest bank in the world, concurs with the notion that CME Bitcoin futures have caused Bitcoin’s price decline.
“The peak price coincided with the introduction of bitcoin futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange,” The Federal Reserve said in a May 2018 letter. “The rapid run-up and subsequent fall in the price after the introduction of futures does not appear to be a coincidence. Rather, it is consistent with trading behavior that typically accompanies the introduction of futures markets for an asset.”
The Federal Reserve also attributes the year-long Bitcoin price decline to short selling on the Bitcoin futures market. Basically, people pessimistic about Bitcoin bet on Bitcoin going down when the futures launched. Those sentiments become reality on the spot markets because Globex sets the global Bitcoin price. This is especially true since institutional investors have practically no other options besides these paper Bitcoin futures on CME as well as similar Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBoE).
So how can Bitcoin and the crypto space escape the stranglehold of the CME Bitcoin futures? The Bitcoin futures and gold futures are backed by the dollar, and it will take a total collapse of the dollar to free gold and Bitcoin from this highly coordinated, top-level, worldwide market manipulation.
Essentially, it has become a war between cryptocurrency and fiat, whether Bitcoiners like it or not. The launch of CME Bitcoin futures is equivalent to a nuclear attack on the Bitcoin market, but there are other forces in play. The United States debt is approaching $22 trillion, and the government cannot afford to cut the deficit, so this debt will continue to spiral out of control, and that will cause the dollar to inevitably fail.
Bitcoin is positioned perfectly to be the primary global currency when the total collapse of fiat inevitably happens. The next major Bitcoin rally may have to wait until the dollar enters hyperinflation and collapse mode, and there will be a simultaneous major gold rally. No other Bitcoin rally in history will compare to the one that is coming when the house of paper Bitcoins, paper gold, and fiat burns down.
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Another Decentralized Currency Crashes Hard

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"I strongly urge you to consider diversifying into precious metals, productive farmland, or even a digital currency like Bitcoin." - ZEROHEDGE again

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David Seaman is a Fraud, Ties to George Soros

If you don't know who David Seaman is, he's the self-appointed head spokesman of the Pizzagate movement. If you are a pizzagater, this association should make you very nervous, because David Seaman is a mentally unstable con man. Let's start with some background.
In 2007, Seaman began an internship with Jezebel. After only a few short months, he was so hated and reviled that Jezebel ran a hit piece on him, describing him as a "self-promotional whore" and then fired him. In the article, they publish a profile that Seaman had written about himself, which reveals the scary depths of his self-involved nature.
In 2008, Seaman wrote a book called, Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself. In this book, you can get advice such as "Always be controversial and outrageous in everything you do" and "Enemies are more important than friends." You'll also learn interesting tidbits such as how he loves Bill Maher and Michael Moore, and hates Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly. This seems to be very contradictory, seeing as how he claims to be such a huge Donald Trump supporter. He also refers to himself as a "veteran promotional stunt planner," not a reporter or journalist. In the "About the Author" section, you'll find this info: Seaman is the founder of Shutterline Interactive, a vehicle for rapidly deploying new publicity stunts.
In August 2009, before the release of his book, Seaman claimed he would run naked through Times Square if his book didn't make the Top 100 list on Amazon. The book barely cracked the Top 200,000. He didn't follow through on the streaking promise. David Seaman has never met a promise that he didn't break.
Also in 2009, Seaman does an interview with Business Beat Live. In the interview he says, "I would protest gravity if I thought it was going to get me buzz".
Seaman calls Joe Rogan a liar. He claims that Rogan promised him a role as a political contributor on his podcast, but never followed through. Rogan's producer, Brian Redban, implies in a tweet that Seaman is mentally unwell.
In the same article, he talks a little bit about he holds a grudge against his family because "they didn't have my back when I needed it". Knowing his history, he probably tried to con them, just like everyone else he's ever met.
If you are familiar with Seaman's Youtube channel, then you're aware that he is constantly shilling for Bitcoin and Goldmoney. Here's some info on Goldmoney:
"Goldmoney Inc has its headquarters located in Toronto Canada and in Saint Helier Jersey.[6] The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization of $312 million as of February 27, 2016. GoldMoney Inc. investors and backers include Eric Sprott, Albert D. Friedberg, George Soros, Adam Fleming, and Canadian Banks Canaccord Genuity."
Yes that's right, one of the principle investors in Goldmoney is none other than George Soros! David Seaman can not claim ignorance on this subject either, because in an article on the Huffington Post he writes, "The company is funded by a number of savvy financial elites including precious metals entrepreneur Eric Sprott and the legendary Soros family."
For a guy who claims to hate pedophilia crimes and Hillary Clinton and John Podesta so much, why is he so proud to be associated with George Soros?
Also of note, Goldmoney paid for Seaman to attend this year's Super Bowl.
DavidSeaman recently won the #Supergold contest and got to go to the Super Bowl!
Seaman's constant praise of Bitcoin is also curious, considering in July of last year he had this to say about Bitcoin in another Huffington Post article:
"The trolls and narrowminded Bitcoin bagholders pushing Ethereum “Classic” on an unsuspecting public are not the ultimate reason I’m selling off much of my Bitcoin tonight - that’s just another indication to me that Bitcoin is in a weak position. Ultimately, however, my decision is grounded in economic self-interest. I see optimism and amazing ideas being built out in Ethereum, and I don’t see anything close to this level in Bitcoin at the moment. Shortly after I file this story, I’ll be selling off 80% of my personal Bitcoin holdings; or more accurately, converting them into Ether, on Coinbase."
So he's bullish on Bitcoin, yet sold off 80% of his holdings? This guy just can't stop contradicting himself.
In August of 2016, Seaman claims to have been fired from the Huffington Post for writing an article about Hillary's health. This is false, as he couldn't be fired, because he was never on the HuffPo payroll. He was a contributor and unpaid blogger and had his publishing rights revoked, he was not fired. There is not a single person who has corroborated his claim that he was "fired" because of his Hillary article. Judging by his employment history, it's just as likely he was "fired" for being a self-promoting asshole.
Let's move onto Pizzagate. Seaman started "reporting" on Pizzagate as early as November of last year. He owes the large following he has on Youtube and Twitter to the Pizzagate investigation, so you would think he would show some love for the hardworking Pizzagate investigators, right? WRONG. He's constantly taking credit for other peoples' work and has done exactly ZERO research on his own.
He has not evolved his coverage of Pizzagate one bit in over 3 months, it still consists mostly of "Hillary is evil, lock her up" "Podesta is a pedophile, lock him up". This guy is not a journalist, he's an anti-journalist.
There has been a lot of evidence discovered during the Pizzagate investigation, and there has also been a lot of stuff that has been proven to be fake. Seaman is constantly latching on to the most sensationalist, fake parts of Pizzagate and reporting it as fact and ignores all the valuable evidence that has been found. This has a huge negative effect on the credibility of Pizzagate.
He's repeatedly made claims that his life was in danger and "they" are out to get him. At one point he even claimed that 2 policemen were stationed outside his home for his protection. He claims to be so frightened for his life that he sleeps with a gun next to his bed. Of course, no one has ever been able to corroborate any of these claims.
Seaman has been an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, but just yesterday tweeted this: Was @realDonaldTrump's election just a brilliant head fake to give the potbellied pedophiles in the Deep State another 4 years of survival?
Today, he is back to being a Trump supporter and hashtagging MAGA on his tweets. He can't seem to keep his story straight for more than a day at a time.
He's repeatedly claimed that his work regarding Pizzagate is done and his place in the history books is secure, because the authorities are going to arrest everyone, and he won't speak about it anymore. Each of these claims has lasted about 5 minutes, until he starts talking about it again. In fact, he can't shut up about it, it's all he talks about.
A little over a week ago, Seaman went on an epic Twitter rant about Antarctica, Flat Earth theory, Mandela Effect, and aliens. This was an obvious attempt to lump Pizzagate in with fringe conspiracies. He then deleted his Twitter account. And then he reactivated his Twitter account. He then claimed Twitter deleted all his followers, except they didn't. This guy needs help.
He claims to have insider "sources". Every single time he's made a prediction based on his "sources", he's been wrong.
This past Sunday, February 12th, he sent out this tweet: Pizzagate is real. I was told arrests by midnight or early tomorrow, if that is not so, my source's confidentiality might dry up. Oops!
He was obviously trying to capitalize on the questionable claim by Youtuber Titus Frost, who made a video saying that child porn was found on Comet Ping Pong's website and that the police have been given all the evidence.
He was dead wrong, as usual. The next day, as people are questioning him and wondering if he will give up his source as he claims, he has another Twitter meltdown. His evidence that there should have been arrests is "Look at Tony Podesta's eyes". That's some quality journalism there, David. Constantly pressed to reveal his source, he says "My source is". Indicating that he has no source other than the Podesta emails that we've all read. He continues calling anyone who questions him shills, trolls, and David Brock employees for the rest of the day.
Later in the day, well past the timeline from his "source", he tweets a link to an article about the arrest of Jeffrey Sandusky. He claims this is a high level, high profile arrest and that his "source" was right all along.
During this same rant on February 13, he claims he was set up to be a fall guy, contradicting the later tweet that his "source" was right.
In this tweet, he throws the hardworking pizzagate researchers under the bus in an attempt to save his own credibility
If you've seen Seaman's YT videos, he's constantly talking about how Paypal and Youtube are out to get him by shutting off his income and trying to destory him financially. This of course leads to begging his fans for money via Patreon.
He's on pace to make $55,000 per year from Patreon, which he claims goes toward "legitimate production expenses."
In a tweet on 2/13/17, which is probably deleted because I can't find it, he claims he has $60,000 saved up and doesn't need money from his fans. So why are you constantly trying to get their money?
On February 14, in response to Hillary Clinton's Pizzagate tweet, he goes on yet another insane Twitter rant. He starts demanding justice and that people should take to the streets to protest. He sends crazy tweets directed at Hillary calling her evil bitch, a monster, a child rapist, and all sorts of other things. He calls for all the pedophiles to be hanged. Of course he provides no evidence for any of this like any sane Pizzagate investigator would do, he just screams about it like a lunatic.
He then starts tweeting falsities about Donald Trump, even though he claims to support him.
In this one, he claims Trump was planted by the Deep State to protect the pedophiles:
Go to his twitter page here: to see all the ridiculous and demented things he is tweeting because frankly there are just too many to list. This is coming from a "respected" "journalist".
As you can see, all the information and evidence shows that David Seaman is clearly a fraudulent con man. He has been deceiving Pizzagate truthers from the very start, in an effort to boost his own fame and fortune. His intentions are not merely for personal gain either, he has been out to intentionally discredit Pizzagate by painting all investigators as unstable mentally ill lunatics. He has also had a massive negative influence on the credibility of Pizzagate, and he's reported it dishonestly and poorly the whole way and has repeatedly taken credit for other peoples' work.
This tweet, makes it abundantly clear what his agenda is. Someone asks him what he foresees for himself and he replies: Worldwide fame, or an untimely death.
If you are serious about Pizzagate and wanting to see the perpetrators held accountable for their crimes, you need to spread the word about the charlatan David Seaman, who claims to be on our side, but is clearly not.
David Seaman made a response video to this post, when I posted it to voat last night. I encourage everyone who has read my post to watch it, to see firsthand how much of a liar and pathetic "journalist" Seaman is. His gullible followers ate it up as true to form he turned it around and pretends to be the victim.
Here is the video:
-His posts on voat were deleted by a mod because he didn't follow the submission rules. He's completely lying about the photo ID stuff. The fact that he didn't have an account and doesn't even know the rules at the main pizzagate research forum goes to show just how much of a "researcher" he is.
-Claims that I'm accusing him of trying to sell his book. Complete and total lie, I never wrote or implied that a single time.
-Completely lies about the Super Bowl, no mention of Goldmoney.
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Chinese Investors Exit Bitcoin, Flood Into Gold ETFs

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For the first time since 2011 I have to agree with Peter Schiff about Bitcoin

Peter Schiff says in a recent video he posted
[zerohedge article I read says] "Bitcoin is digital Gold". This is the most ridiculous argument, because the people who are saying this: they're admitting Bitcoin is too slow and too expensive to use as a medium of exchange. That is what I said in the beginning. Early on the people that were criticizing me for promoting gold over Bitcoin said: gold's no good, you can't use gold to buy a cup of coffee, but I can use Bitcoin to buy a cup of coffee. So the reason that Bitcoin was going to be better than gold is because it was going to be so much easier to use your Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. That was the advantage that it had.
Well guess what: He's exactly right! (I didn't think I would have to agree with this guy for once)
And this makes it plain to see that when you attack the medium of exchange function (by inreasing transactional friction, for example), you invite all the bad things Schiff has been criticizing about Bitcoin in the past: that it's essentially worth nothing, that it's a ponzi scheme and that people are going to lose a lot of money on it. (well, the last one is debatable because the price can be supported (at least for a while) by other things than true value.
By increasing the transactional friction beyond a certain point (that point is at a pretty low fee level, I might add) you essentially make these things be true. You change Bitcoin from being sound money to being a ponzi scheme. And hence in the end you destroy it.
What can we do?
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The Forthcoming CryptoTrapdoor

TLDR: CIA wants you to use bitcoin, but CIA is bad and they are up to something. When you've traded your last dollars, they'll laugh and pull the plug on bitcoin. Then you will be sad.
Google is developing cryptocoin tools. Ok so the problem with that is manifold
  1. ) We know google is CIA; CIA is very untrustworthy--they've spied on us illegally since 9/11 created a security state junta; they got their start with inqtel a cia company; assange says its cia; everything they do from censoring technopopulists to promoting a fugitive from the law hillary clinton (by our FBI's own admission in congress!) over a lawfully elected president, while undermining the same....all suggest Google is still CIA.
  2. ) CIA was effectively a merger of former US intelligence and expropriated Nazi intelligence and researchers (Operation Paperclip), guided by a Nazi sympathizer whose post-WW2 work was serving as a lawyer and strategist to assist Nazi officers escape punishment and hide their wealth through various financial proxies (Allen Dulles). This is our true history. Dulles also was fired by JFK and then was charged with producing the Warren Report about JFK's assassination. MKULTRA is where we drugraped teens to blackmail politicians (brownstone ops), drugraped prostitutes and soldiers (edgewood), and performed unethical human experimentation that continues to this day. That was CIA, Navy, Darpa
  3. ) I'll say it again, a Nazi sympathizer who hid nazi gold in switzerland and ran ratlines to argentina for nazi officers, who wanted to use a false flag operation to destroy Cuba but was denied, was in charge of JFK's investigation. Kind of like having a Deepstate operative like Robert Mueller type in charge of the official 9/11 report isn't it?
  4. ) CIA is Wall Street's private army.
  5. ) NSA scans your emails, your text messages, all your information---"capture it all". They have been caught several times front-running on your private data. Any screenplay you wrote, any invention you put in a file on the google drive, and investments you're planning, any business projects you're in----they have already read and are already using in an anti-competitive way, front running on your good ideas.
  6. ) Through asset forfeitures, the US Government has a majority of Bitcoin; this is from mt gox hack recovery, silk road, silk road 2, alphabay and other darknet seizures abroad of bitcoin
  7. ) The US Government has spent 6 months colluding with the media to undermine Trump with a fake story that everyone now knows is fake (except a vanishingly few marginal, sophomoric violents, antifa types in california).
  8. ) The FBI has spent now over a year maintaining a falsified document leveraged to create a disinfo to create a psychological war against US citizens, in lieu of doing their ACTUAL job of busting a now-widely known SPY RING IN CONGRESS
  9. ) The US Government (Permanent State) has been bitching, moaning, whining about every little thing Trump has done; failing to recognize his accomplishments which are objectively pro-citizen; while letting very high level criminal avoid punishment---creating a dual justice system
  10. ) Cryptocoin has skyrocketted based well beyond confidence if you look historically at DOW industrial trends...this is a bubble, an obvious bubble. Who is blowing this bubble? Well look who has the majority share
  11. ) You don't know who runs the exchanges, but the modus operandi of those who run the exchanges are that of both criminals and intelligence agencies. I suggest it's both of them working together to run the exchanges
  12. ) After all, you can't mine bitcoin now, if you do you'll lose money because electricity to mine costs more than what you'll get from mining unless you already own vast mining infrastructure--this is the marginal cost of mining. The marginal cost of mining far exceeds purchase price of bitcoin so you might as well buy it
  13. ) Who has spare bitcoin to sell, if mining is so unprofitable AND bitcoin keeps going up? Who would sell bitcoin if it's that compelling? LOL THINK! G D it. THINK!!!! Use your brain. Someone is dumping bitcoin on you, and you're eating it up, thinking you're a genius for investing in it so early.... it's a's a honeypot. Owning a bitcoin is not a illuminati scout member badge into an exclusive club you dolts
Given that the US Security-Industrial complex, the 17 agencies, primarily CIA, NSA, FBI, NGA, DoD have been using that unaccounted-for 20T dollars now to spy on--not only us, the lumpen citizens of US, but also our Congress members--through the Pakistani liaison loophole of the Awan Brothers, it's very clear that they have NOT honored the underlying principles and values of our constitution and our culture generally. They are concerned with making money by any and all possible means---even through absolute evil--and they are concerned with controlling society very rigidly through technology, psychology, exploitation of human fears, wants and aspirations.
One way to control people is through money. When society gets out of control, especially when they start to doubt, or to hate, the control imposed upon them, the government goes absolutely insane
Because we've already proven in an earlier post that the US Government is the batshit paranoid conspiracy theorist that has ever existed, and it uses any and all desperate measures to control people's minds. That is it's true purpose and operating principle above all else. Money is just a means to that end. The mental health industry is a means to that end. The music and film industries are a means to that end. Academia is a means to that end. Modern art is a means to that end. I could go on and on how the CIA has inserted itself into all aspects of culture to create an enormous establishmentarian cult, but that's not the point of this post--though mentioning this is germane to this post to the extent that it's necessary to understand in the context of the CRYPTOCOIN TRAPDOOR>>>
So what is this cryptocoin trapdoor?
Hmm. Let me try to explain this in terms of a ruse that happened to me last year. I was invited to join a sub /sphinxclub which was ostensibly an 'antimason' sub. I had been down on freemasons / jesuits (still am) at least high level ones. I see them as the common denominator in many of these strategies-of-tension around the world, and the evidence for that is overwhelming. So I joined sphinxclub and after little activity we asked the sub's creator "so what is this sub about, what are we doing here, who wants to start the dialogue". The answer was something like "we're waiting for 20 mods to be invited so we can open the trapdoor and send everyone into hell". I thought it was a joke, and then there was an 'assignment' which I believed (in my opinion) was asking people to commit an act of left-wing terrorism against a defense contractor in florida who was believed to be using electromagnetic waves as harassment and mind control to create 'mass murder shooters' like the Navy Yard shooting. Of course I'm interested in figuring out if there's truth to this, but the means was illegal, so I left.
This strategy is both a honeypot and a trapdoor. Honeypot to bring you in and waste your time (timeloop you, waste your effort otherwise spent on writing subversive essays that undermine the establihment). Trapdoor to get you put in jail.
I believe crypto is the same type of honeypot-trapdoor
Honeypot because
  1. ) Honeypot because it's going up very quickly and now bitcoin is worth more than gold
  2. ) John McAffee a renowned technologist and drug-addled madman with spooky origins says he'll eat his penis if bitcoin isn't worth more than what a million by 2020? Something like that. He allegedly has his own mining facility in latin america, iirc.
  3. ) Honeypot because Google is now going to support it
  4. ) Honeypot because US Gov is looking the other way and China supported it
Tradoor because
  1. ) China banning it
  2. ) Finanical experts warning it's a fraud
  3. ) Me warning it's a fraud because the NSA has over 2000 Qbit quantum computers now and likely runs the exchanges
  4. ) Ebay is using it -- George Webb's research tied Omidyar directly to Deepstate
  5. ) CIA is Wall Street's private army and cannot have a situation they dont' control.
  6. ) Max Keiser and Stacey Hubert have said, numerous times, with many financial guests that NSA/CIA are manipulating markets while using the media to have you believe it's's an illusion
  7. ) JP Morgan is trying to manipulate crypto in europe now
  8. ) If you exchange your dollars for bitcoin, and then bitcoin plummets, then the elite have just taken your last bit of wealth away
  9. ) At this point the only people who can make money off bitcoin ARE the elite, so buying crypto is a cannabalization of dollar-owners by the political elite on the industrial/retail elite -- intelligence-aligned (dynastic) rich are eating the nouveau rich; and they are eating left-coast crypto liberals also
  10. ) EDIT: Oops forgot about civil asset forfeiture of unpaid capital gains taxes on crypto being like a stock
What is your agenda with this anti-bitcoin stuff?
I have none. These are just my thoughts I'm sharing with you and why I no longer support bitcoin until such time there are laws that guarantee that these things I worry about are inhibited. In other words, we need a non-corrupt intelligence community and guarantee they aren't manipulating it before I can trust using any kind of crypto currency. I'm telling you because I want you to make sound choices with your money and be happy and have a good safe life.
The best thing you can do right now is watch this video
What can you do?
Buy gold, silver, platinum. Or a tractor. Or bullet making equipment. Because guns are worthless without bullets.
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Wall Street is just around the corner from Banana Street

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Late buy-in of Cryto as nonbuyer's remorse, pricing itself out of a recessione, rumblings of approval despite quantum decryption threats, use in crimes, and predictive NLP "Trump's currency is dividing us" says one thing: Get you to the blockchain and open that trapdoor

The title really says it all.
Some say I'm butthurt about the late buy-in on crypto. If only I had bought myself a bitcoin when I gave a bitcoin to James Corbett...I'd be RICH. Well yes. That's exactly what they want me to think. You missed the boat on the deepstates own currency--Sucka! And shame. Shame on you for not having a bunch of disposable income to throw into a highly speculative hobby. Too bad you aren't a dot com millionaire who basically recreated twitter and IPO'd at laughably nonsensical overvaluation of 200M that you couldn't throw most of those millions into bitcoin, because that would make you a billionaire at this point. You couldn've been playing giant robots with Bezos in his high tech romper room. Too bad! Plebe. Lumpen plebe. You suck.
The latest thing is the twighlight language trying to further divide us with more "love trumps hate" type of languge. The latest shitmeme is from DNC chair Perez: "Trump's CURRENCY is Dividing us". This is a twilight language because it's trying to use black transfer propaganda language abuse to tie "currency" to "Trump", which is trying to make you hate "currency". Ya dig?
So that when they offer a new 'currency', you will hate "Trump's Currency' which is the dollar. Screw Trump and all his dollars! Dollars are for Trumpers. Dollars are so 2016. Crypo man. Gotta get me some of that Crypto and get with the progs
Sorry, the source is Breitbart, which you should know is kind of limited hangout altright mainstream press.
So here's what happens. They are prepping people to use bitcoin. So when they cay ICO, it doesn't mean as much 'Initial Cryptocoin Offer' as it means "Illuminati Cult Offer"... That temptation of the money from crypto skyrocketting is pressing everyone's avariciousness buttons and only the dumbest among us go for it
Because here's what happens.
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario 3
Sorry I'm so cynical these days but I've seen how they've pulled every stop in the book to undermine americans irrespective of politics. They are hurting everyone equally in each their own ways. They=deepstate / new world order. Basically this is coming down to Technoneofeudalists versus Populists. Are you on the side of the fascist dominators? Or the side of people, truth and everything we gave ourselves in the constitution?
What inspired this post is the idea of honeypots. The honeypot is also the free-sandwich technique. Anything free is going to have strings whether you see them or not
With google it was they were telling you 'do no evil' and yet we now know they are a CIA appliance for surveillance, bulk collection of deep mineable data, gaslighting (filter bubbles), and a domestic human zoo management strategy. Now they are attacking journalism by deploying very heavy-handed strategies to limit speech they dont' like politically (ie populist speech--'open source intelligence' primarily)
They hate that we deal in facts and that the natural configuration of the truth is as a weapon against tyrants. Because they are the tyrants!
Bitcoin, I still believe, will turn out to be a honeypot. They will use it like the stock market (which they control on the back end through fast transactions and ai, in addition to having insider intelligence on gov contracts and war).
They will get everyone on bitcoin and then they will open that trapdoor. It's a money funnel..that's what it will be.
I do understand that it will destroy money also if they do that. But that's ok. They already have all the gold and all the infrastructure to spin up more shell them money hasn't existed for a while. Their currency is stolen art, stolen guns, stolen minerals, stolen children, stolen women, stolen organs, drugs, embargoed oil sold on the spot market. They dont need money. They've been bartering since time immemorial
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BITCOIN TO $7,200 OR $8,500?!  Gold Breakout & The Next Global Financial Crisis Gold vs. Bitcoin: Which Is Better? Team Bitcoin Vs Team Gold - The Failed Bitcoin ETF Zero Hedge - YouTube Gold vs. Bitcoin - What Can Save You? (w/ Raoul Pal)

r/Bitcoin: A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … On June 29, ZeroHedge reported the biggest gold-counterfeiting scandal in modern history with 83 tons of fake gold bars discovered in Wuhan, China’s equivalent to 22% of China’s annual gold production and more than 4% of China’s gold reserve as of 2019. 21Shares highlights in this case a dozen financial institutions, chiefly trust companies or shadow banks, loaned 20 billion yuan or $2.8 ... To help you avoid the worst gold, silver and bitcoin analysts and to not be dragged down the financial abyss with them, I’ve formulated a quick checklist that will inform you of whom you should immediately unfollow in regard to their analysis. For those analysts that recently stated that gold prices just reached an all-time high, immediately unfollow them. For those that stated gold was a ... JPMorgan Sees Bitcoin Rising Up To Ten-Fold As Millennials Flood Into The "Alternative" Currency "Mechanically, the market cap of bitcoin would have to rise 10 times from here to match the total private sector investment to gold via ETFs or bars and coins." Oct 25, 2020 7:35 PM; Rickards: Here's The Gold Price In 2026 . There is no way out except inflation... Oct 25, 2020 7:30 PM; The Elephant ... Gold Vs Bitcoin will be a remarkable two-week journey – like a long-form documentary released over two weeks. There’s More… Real Vision also wants to give you access to our entire archives of gold and bitcoin programming – because we have long been at the forefront of covering these two critically important assets, from award-winning documentaries to in-depth interviews with early ...

[index] [14480] [18440] [12748] [31996] [38606] [28972] [44367] [35142] [11541] [47008]

BITCOIN TO $7,200 OR $8,500?! Gold Breakout & The Next Global Financial Crisis

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Gold vs Bitcoin - with Roy Sebag and Saifedean Ammous - Duration: 1:12:21. Value of Bitcoin 2,529 views. 1:12:21. Pomp Podcast #261: Robert Kiyosaki on How The World’s Wealthiest Invest Their ... In this video, I discuss two hedges (gold and bitcoin) against central bank inflationary monetary policy, and try to decide which is better. While gold has a storied history and is less volatile ... Does the word 'Risk, Loss' pop up in your head while thinking about trading! Here's a new Bitcoin trading platform • BitcoinHedge • The World's First Zero-Loss Bitcoin Hedge Trading Platform ... So what's worth more - an ounce of gold or a single bitcoin? When is it the right time to buy bitcoin or gold? Are you a speculator or a religious buyer of "stuff"? Zero Hedge: ...